Terrorism Awareness

Terrorism Awareness – If You See Something, Say Something!

It’s an unpleasant thought, but the threat of acts of terrorism is a very real part of modern life in America, even in a small city like Dalton, Georgia.  It may seem farfetched to think that some sort of terrorist plot could involve a town like ours, but when one considers the infrastructure present such as an interstate highway and multiple rail lines and the presence of chemical manufacturing, one realizes that it’s a possibility.  Plus, terrorist acts don’t have to come from abroad, there’s also a possibility of homegrown terrorism.  In 2011, authorities arrested a group of extremists from Toccoa, Georgia who were plotting to release a chemical weapon in Atlanta.

Officers from the Dalton Police Department are vigilant as we watch for signs of any sort of terrorist activity, and members of the public should be as well.  The slogan “if you see something, say something” has been popularized in major cities like New York, but it is just as applicable here in Dalton.  Even if suspicious activity isn’t terrorist in nature, it could still be an indicator of other types of criminal activity.  Citizen reporting of unusual activity to authorities is a big part of the Dalton Police Department’s crime prevention effort, and can also help prevent acts of terrorism.

What are some examples of suspicious activities that could be reported?

  • Attempted entry into sensitive or restricted areas by unauthorized persons
  • Theft or loss of materials associated with sensitive facilities such as ID badges or uniforms
  • Sabotage or tampering with facilities or protected sites such as manufacturing centers
  • Threats made to damage facilities or structures
  • People attempting to get information about a building’s operations, purpose, or security beyond what would be typical curiosity.
  • Photography or other surveillance of critical infrastructure beyond typical tourism or artistic interests.
  • People seeking to obtain or store unusual amounts of materials such as weapons, cell phones, fuel, toxic materials or chemicals, and timers.

Note that none of those items involves the race or ethnicity or a person or persons involved.

Terrorists, like other criminals, can come from any racial or ethnic background.


If you witness something that is an emergency situation or requires an immediate response from officers, call 911.  Otherwise, you can report suspicious activity to the Dalton Police Department using our anonymous tip line at 706‐278‐9085, extension 221.