Selection Process

The selection process is very extensive and can take several months to complete. The process begins with a series of applicant tests. After completion of the initial tests, including an extensive and rigorous background check, is completed then all application materials are sent to the Police Chief for review. From there, the selection process is as follows:

  • Interview with the Police Chief – After the Police Chief reviews all application materials, the Chief decides if an interview is warranted. If so, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief. During this interview, the Police Chief will review the entire application with the applicant and ask any questions he or she may have. The Chief will also let the applicant ask questions about the department. If the Chief decides to hire the applicant, the applicant is sent to a physician’s office for a physical examination.
  • Physical Examination – The applicant’s physical exam is conducted by a licensed physician who certifies that the applicant is free from any physical, emotional, or mental conditions that could keep the candidate from exercising the powers or duties of a police officer. A drug screening is also conducted at this time.
  • Approval by the Public Safety Commission – The applicant is required to attend a meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission. At this meeting, the Police Chief or a designee introduces the applicant to the commission and gives the commission a briefing on the applicant’s background. The commission then votes to approve or disapprove the applicant for employment.

After this process, the police cadet is given a start date to begin orientation with the department prior to attending the 11-week Police Academy at one of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center’s (GPSTC) Regional Police Academies.