Public Interaction

As part of the process to develop the agency’s three-year Strategic Plan, the Dalton Police Department periodically sends out a Citizen Survey to a randomly selected sample of Dalton residents.  The Citizen Survey is developed in collaboration with students in the Criminal Justice Program at Dalton State College and is designed to gauge the level of satisfaction of those who live or work in the city with the operation of the DPD and also to determine what types of crimes are concerns in the community.  After each survey is performed, the DPD publishes the results.


2012 Survey Results

2014 Survey Results

The Dalton Police Department takes seriously and investigates thoroughly every complaint regarding the conduct of our officers.  If an officer is found to be in violation, disciplinary action is taken.  Dalton residents can obtain a copy of the form to initiate a formal complaint by clicking here or can pick one up at the Dalton Police Services Center at 301 Jones Street.


2014 Complaints Inquiries Analysis