Neighborhood Policing

In an emergency, you should call 911.  But what about trying to address ongoing issues in your neighborhood that aren’t emergencies?  In 2009, the DPD instituted a Neighborhood Policing Program to give residents of Dalton a better way to contact the department regarding issues in the community. Each officer in the agency was assigned small neighborhood “beat”. Each officer was assigned to spend part of his or her shift working in that area to make contacts with residents or workers about ongoing problems in the area.

How do you make contact with the officer assigned to your area? The DPD has divided the city of Dalton into three districts: east, west, and south. Each district has a patrol lieutenant assigned to direct law enforcement strategy for that area. Click Here to see which district your home or business is in, and then make contact with the officers assigned to supervise that area. The district supervisors will put you into contact with your neighborhood beat officer.

Officers will still be assigned to pay special attention to neighborhoods and business beats, this change is simply to streamline the communication between the public and our personnel.  The hope is to increase the amount of feedback we’re getting from the community.

The Dalton Police Department has also set up a separate website at devoted solely to municipal code violations.  Any Dalton residents with concerns about potential code violations in their neighborhoods (such as overgrown lawns, properties in a state of disrepair, or other issues) can visit the site to submit a request to the DPD’s code enforcement officers to check it out.