Applicant Testing

After submitting a City of Dalton Employment Application, the applicant will be contacted to schedule testing once the application is reviewed. The following tests are required for selection:

  • Written Test – The written test is one of the initial tests all applicants must complete. It consists of 100 multiple choice questions. These questions are largely based on information from inside the testing booklet. There are also sentence structure and word usage questions. There is no study guide available to prepare for the written test.
  • Psychological Test – The psychological test consists of a series of written tests asking various questions aimed at making a psychological evaluation of the applicant’s ability to peform law enforcement duties. The applicant’s only task is to answer the questions truthfully. The test has safeguards in place to identify individuals trying to manipulate the test by answering questions based on their perception of the “correct” answer. The grading of the psychological test is done off-site by an independent company called Psychological Resources. If an applicant fails the psychological test, the application is returned to Human Resources and the applicant must wait one year before reapplying for a position.
  • Polygraph Test – The polygraph, commonly referred to as a “lie detector,” is an important step in the hiring process. It accounts for the majority of applicants being eliminated from the hiring process. While the polygraph is a time-consuming exam, we feel it is necessary because honesty is the foundation of everything a police officer does. The Dalton Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies, cannot tolerate dishonesty in any form.
  • Physical Readiness Test – The physical readiness or physical fitness test is designed to measure the overall fitness level of an applicant. The test consists of seven events which are dictated by a company called Fit Force. Click here to watch a video about the Physical Readiness Test. The testing sequence is as follows:
    • Vertical Jump Test (must reach 13 inches)
    • Five minute rest/warm-up period
    • Bench Press (one rep of 67% of the applicant’s body weight)
    • Five minute rest/warm-up period
    • Sit-up test (32 sit-ups in one minute)
    • Five minute rest/warm-up period
    • Agility Run (must complete in 17.9 seconds)
    • Ten minute rest/warm-up period
    • 300-meter run (must complete in 73.8 seconds)
    • Five minute rest/warm-up period
    • Push-up test (must complete 20 push-ups; no time limit)
    • 30 minute rest/warm-up period
    • 1.5 mile run (must compete in 17:48)
    • Cool down