DPD Investigates Theft Of Slow Dispensing Cash

UPDATE: The woman has been identified. 

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a woman who took $100 that was mistakenly left behind at a self-checkout. The woman and her car were recorded by store surveillance.


The incident happened at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on West Walnut Avenue on August 9th. The victim tried to get $100 cashback at the self-checkout station but there was a lag in the system and no cash was dispensed. After waiting for his cash, the victim assumed there was a problem with the system and left the store. After he left, the system dispensed his cash. When the victim checked his bank statement, he saw the $100 debit on his account and returned to the store. Employees checked store surveillance videos and saw a heavyset white or light-skinned Hispanic woman with dyed blonde hair use the checkout next and take the money. The woman then left the store without trying to speak to any store employee or try to find the rightful owner of the money. The woman left the store in a vehicle that appeared to be a silver 2003-2007 Toyota Corolla S model sedan. A picture of the suspect is included with this release.


Below: The suspect was recorded on store surveillance


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