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Section Of Walnut Avenue Will Be Closed Friday Morning

Westbound lanes of Walnut Avenue between Lester Drive and Sheridan Drive will be closed on Friday morning, August 25th, starting at 9:00 am to allow traffic investigators to investigate and document the scene of a recent serious crash there. The lane closures are expected to last a few hours.


Officers from the DPD’s Traffic Unit will be assisted by troopers from the Georgia State Patrol in reconstructing the accident that happened on the evening of August 9th that left a Dalton teenager hospitalized with injuries that were considered life threatening. An initial investigation of the crash indicated that a white 2005 Ford Mustang driven by 18 year old Austin Burnette of Chatsworth was traveling westbound on Walnut Avenue when a silver 2002 Toyota Corolla driven by 18 year old Keiri Suarez of Tunnel Hill traveling eastbound on Walnut attempted to turn left onto Sheridan Avenue in front of Burnette’s Mustang. Burnette’s Mustang hit the Corolla sending both vehicles off of the roadway. Burnette and a passenger in his vehicle sustained minor injuries. Ms. Suarez suffered severe injuries and remains in critical condition.

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DPD Investigating Shoplifting Of Watches From Kohl’s

The Dalton Police Department is asking tor the public’s help identifying two men who shoplifted watches from Kohl’s on Shugart Road. The stolen watches were worth more than $300.



The theft happened on August 8th. Two white males were recorded by store surveillance concealing several watches on their person and disposing of the watch boxes. The store’s loss prevention staff reported that they also took a shirt. The stolen items totaled $359.95 in value.



The suspects are both white males. One of the suspects has brownish blond hair and wore a gray Adidas hooded sweatshirt with black sleeves and black Adidas sweat pants with white shoes. The second suspect has darker hair and wore a white t-shirt and black sweat pants. Pictures of the two suspects are included with this release.



Anyone who recognizes these suspects is asked to please contact Officer Justin Smith at 706-278-9085, extension 9573 or by email at

Below: The suspects were recorded on store surveillance

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DPD Investigates Theft Of Slow Dispensing Cash

UPDATE: The woman has been identified. 

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a woman who took $100 that was mistakenly left behind at a self-checkout. The woman and her car were recorded by store surveillance.


The incident happened at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on West Walnut Avenue on August 9th. The victim tried to get $100 cashback at the self-checkout station but there was a lag in the system and no cash was dispensed. After waiting for his cash, the victim assumed there was a problem with the system and left the store. After he left, the system dispensed his cash. When the victim checked his bank statement, he saw the $100 debit on his account and returned to the store. Employees checked store surveillance videos and saw a heavyset white or light-skinned Hispanic woman with dyed blonde hair use the checkout next and take the money. The woman then left the store without trying to speak to any store employee or try to find the rightful owner of the money. The woman left the store in a vehicle that appeared to be a silver 2003-2007 Toyota Corolla S model sedan. A picture of the suspect is included with this release.


Below: The suspect was recorded on store surveillance


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Scam Alert: Phone Scammers Posing As Cops

Another day, another phone scam. This time, there’s a phone scam going around with a scammer posing as a detective with the Dalton Police Department and spoofing his caller ID number to appear as the number of the police department’s main line. The scam has only been reported to police once so far but the department wants to alert the public to beware.


A Dalton resident reported to police that he was called on August 3rd by an individual claiming to be a DPD detective. This scammer informed the complainant that he was a suspect in a child pornography investigation. The fake detective then told the complainant that he could call the supposed victim’s father to try to work out some sort of settlement to avoid legal trouble. The complainant called the number and was threatened by a second scammer who demanded that the complainant pay his disconnect fee on a cell phone of more than $900 and also demanded money for therapy for the supposed victim of the child pornography. Fortunately, the complainant didn’t send the scammers any money.


It should go without saying that nobody from the Dalton Police Department or any other law enforcement organization will demand money in exchange for ending a police investigation. Nor will employees of any law enforcement agency ask for money to be sent over the phone to address any fines or fees. And certainly, no police investigator is ever going to contact suspects and put them in contact with victims to “work things out on their own.”


Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of this scam can contact the DPD’s Criminal Investigations Division at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 250.


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DPD Seeks ID Of Shoplifting Suspects

UPDATE: The suspects in this case have been identified.

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a male suspect who shoplifted more than $200 worth of men’s underwear and socks from a department store. The suspect and a friend with whom he was traveling were recorded by store surveillance.

The incident happened on August 2nd at the Kohl’s department store at 825 Shugart Road. At approximately 3:30, two white males arrived in a black passenger car, possibly a Nissan Altima, and entered the store. One of the males was recorded by store surveillance entering the dressing room area with several packages of men’s underwear and socks. After exiting the dressing room area, the male was recorded dumping empty packages into a trash can. Store employees retrieved the empty packages and determined that the items shoplifted totaled $226.83.

The suspect who shoplifted the items was wearing dark shorts and a white t-shirt and had dark hair. He was traveling with another white male with bleached blonde hair wearing a black t-shirts and jeans. The second subject did not steal any items from the store. A picture of the two males is included below.

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