DPD Officers Provide Life-Saving Care To Patient

Three officers from the Dalton Police Department are being credited with providing critical care to a man an unconscious man who stopped breathing on Tuesday night. As the first responders on scene, the three officers were able to provide CPR to the patient until an ambulance arrived. The patient was breathing with a normal heart rate when he was taken to the hospital.



Officers were dispatched to the North Georgia Fairgrounds at 500 Legion Drive on Tuesday night at approximately 8:00 pm with a report of a man who had stopped breathing. When Officer Dexter Kapur arrived, he found a 65-year old man unresponsive on the ground. Officer Kapur began to give chest compressions to the patient and continued while Sergeant Woody Cantrell set up an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the patient. The AED analyzed the patient’s vitals and advised that the patient needed a shock, which Sergeant Cantrell delivered. After the shock, the patient began to gasp for air and Officer Blake Edwards began to deliver air using a CPR mask while Officer Kapur resumed chest compressions. The officers continued CPR until Dalton firefighters and Hamilton EMS paramedics arrived to take over the patient’s care. The patient was transported with normal heart and respiration rates to Hamilton Medical Center, where at last report he was being treated.



The Dalton Police Department provides CPR training and certification for officers every two years using guidelines from the American Heart Association.

Below (left to right): Sergeant Woody Cantrell and Officers Dexter Kapur and Blake Edwards


  1. Pat


    • Pat

      Great job Officers.

  2. Anonymous

    Great Job Guys!!!!!

  3. Brenda Houston

    So happy to know us older people are good hands. 😊 Thanks to DPD, WCSO, and all of our local police, fire and EMS departments for the goods deeds y’all do everyday!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much!! He is alive today and had surgery this morning due to your fast action. He is a friend of my family. God Bless You!!


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