DPD Arrests Four In Christian Heritage School Burglary, Vandalism

Four suspects in an early-morning burglary and vandalism at Christian Heritage School left a trail of footprints and discarded fire extinguishers for officers to follow direct to their doorstep on Monday. All four individuals were charged with felony criminal trespassing in the incident, which left hallways in the high school building covered in fire extinguisher foam.


Dalton firefighters were dispatched to the high school building at 1600 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard at approximately 3:20 am Monday morning after smoke alarms went off in the building. When firefighters arrived, they found the smoke alarms had been set off by fire extinguishers being set off inside of the building. Firefighters then called police to investigate.  Responding officers found that multiple hallways sprayed with fire extinguisher foam. Basketball jerseys and sweatpants were stolen from the gym and food had apparently been stolen from the concession stand area.


Officers found multiples sets of footprints left in the foam leading out of a back door. Outside, officers followed tracks to one of the stolen fire extinguishers laying on the ground near the woodline. Officers were able to follow a trail of footprints, discarded fire extinguishers, and areas where fire extinguishers had been sprayed to the area of Beechland Circle. There, officers found a trail of footprints left in the fresh dew on the grass to the back of a vacant apartment unit at 1600 Underwood Street, a rare example of southern humidity being helpful.


After entering the vacant apartment, officers searched the unit and found four men hiding inside a closet. Officers determined that all four individuals were involved with the burglary and placed all four under arrest. The four arrestees were:

  • Lakwon Marquise Fleming, 20, 1801 Beechland Place
  • Bryson Hunter Gallman, 20, 120 Jeanette Drive
  • Kaylub Kuhn, 18, 1612 Beechland Place
  • Joshua Ryan Brower, 17, 1633 Ken Drive, Rocky Face

All four were charged with felony criminal trespass. Stolen items such as the basketball jerseys and sweatpants were recovered and returned to the school. The investigation into this incident is continuing and additional charges are possible.

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