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Seats Available In Teen Defensive Driving Class

There are still seats available in the Dalton Police Department’s next Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) defensive driving course for teen drivers. The next class will be held December 2nd and 3rd and costs $25 per participant. There are 7 more slots available in the upcoming class.

The CAT program is an advanced defensive driving and vehicle control program designed for teenage drivers. The program is open to all teens at least 16 years old with a valid Class D driver’s license. Parents are encouraged to enroll their teens several months prior to their 16th birthday This program does not fulfill the Joshua Law requirements.

The 10-hour course is taught by trained and certified Dalton Police Officers over a two-day period including 2 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of one-on-one behind-the-wheel training. Classroom instruction will be held on Friday evenings and behind-the-wheel training will be held on Saturdays. Registration fee for the two-day course is $25.00 per student. The class will be limited to ten (10) drivers per class. Additional classes can be scheduled for groups.

Students must use their own (or parent/guardian’s) vehicle for behind-the-wheel training. The idea is for the students to learn to handle the vehicle they will typically be driving. Behind-the-wheel training is conducted on a closed course, at speeds of 35 mph and below. Students may use cars, trucks, minivans or SUV’s, but vehicles with modified suspension, oversized tires or other unsafe components will not be permitted on the driving range.

At the end of the class, students who have successfully completed all driving range skills will receive a Certificate of Completion. Certificates can be presented to most auto insurance companies for discounted insurance premiums, or proudly displayed.

The curriculum was developed around the fact that most crashes involving teenage drivers are classified as “avoidable” and are due to a lack of experience or training.

This course is designed to give the student a better understanding of the responsibilities and liabilities of the driver, vehicle dynamics, friction and the effects of intoxicating substances on their ability to operate a vehicle.

Students will work with law enforcement on the following life-saving skills during the behind the wheel section of the course:

  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Threshold/emergency braking
  • Forward and reverse serpentine
  • Cornering and backing

For more information on this program or to enroll your teen, please contact PFC David Saylors at 706-278-9085 Ext. 124,

Application Form 1

Application Form 2

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Keep Your Kids Buckled Up Safely All Year

Even though September is ending and Child Passenger Safety Week has come to an end, Dalton Police Department wants drivers to keep their youngest passengers buckled up the right way all year long. After all, it’s the law.

Georgia Code 40-8-76 states: All children under the age of eight (8) are required to be properly restrained in an appropriate child passenger safety seat or booster seat while riding in a passenger automobile, van, or pickup truck while the vehicle is in motion on a public road, street or highway of Georgia.

There are a few exemptions that fall under Georgia Law that allows children to not be in a child seat or a certain safety belt to be used.

  • If the child is riding in a Taxi Cab or Public Transit.
  • In a vehicle not equipped with both lap and shoulder belts or in instances that lap and shoulder belts are being used to properly restrain other children, a lap belt can be used to restrain children weighing at least 40 pounds.
  • If parent can show that the child’s height is over 4’9″. The child still must be restrained by a safety belt. In addition, code section 40-8-76.1 (e)(3) stipulates that each minor six years of age or older who is an occupant of a passenger vehicle must be restrained by a safety belt. “Passenger vehicles” are defined as every motor vehicle designed to carry 10 or less. The definition includes pick-up trucks for occupants under 18.

The Dalton Police Department along with Dalton Safe Kids, and Dalton Fire Department can assist you with determining if your child is in the correct seat by conducting a child seat inspection. If you wish to have a car seat inspection please contact any of the above agencies for information. If you are in need of a child seat please contact Dalton Safe Kids at (706) 259-7433 for further questions concerning the seats.

As always please make sure to watch you speed, wear your seatbelt, and put your cell phone down while driving. The State of Georgia has had a 7% increase in fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes this year. Assist us in lowering this horrific increase so you can arrive home to your loved ones, as well as others arrive home to theirs.

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DPD Hosting Community Night Out October 4th

The Dalton Police Department will host its annual Community Night Out event next week on October 4th at 6:00-8:00 pm at the Mack Gaston Community Center at 218 Fredrick Street. Firefighters from the Dalton Fire Department will be on hand with officers from the police department to meet members of the community we serve. The event is free and open to the public.

Visitors of all ages will get a chance to take an up close look at the police cars and fire trucks used by Dalton police officers and firefighters to keep the community safe. Officers and firefighters will also be on hand to distribute safety information to visitors. The police department will be grilling hot dogs for visitors to the event while supplies last.

This is the eighth year that the Dalton Police Department has hosted a Community Night Out event to give the community a chance to meet and interact with the city’s first responders in a relaxed, informal setting. In previous years, the event coincided with the National Night Out in August, but it has since been moved to later in the year to avoid the late summer heat.

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Man Uses Stolen Credit Card Info To Buy Home Gym Equipment

Gym memberships can be expensive, but they’re a lot cheaper than bail. That apparently didn’t occur to one man who investigators say used stolen credit card information to buy home workout equipment from a Dalton area Walmart. Now police are asking for the public’s help with identifying him so he can tour the exercise facility at the Whitfield County Jail (where they’re apparently only set up for cardio).

The victim in the case reported that he noticed fraudulent activity on his credit card account on September 21st despite having the card in his possession. His card information was used to make purchases on September 20th at Walgreen’s at 2225 East Walnut Avenue and also the East Walnut Avenue Walmart.  Detective Brian Shirley recovered surveillance video of the purchase from Walmart which shows the suspect buying gift cards, a weight bench, a weight bar, and weights. The purchase totaled $330 and the two purchases at Walgreen’s were for approximately $50 each.

The suspect appears to be an African-American male with a beard and close cropped dark hair. He wore a red baseball cap and a black t-shirt with a gold chain. The suspect has several tattoos including a visible neck tattoo and a large tattoo on the back of his left forearm.  Pictures of the suspect and his tattoos are included below.

Anyone with information on this incident or the identity of the suspect is asked to please contact Detective Brian Shirley at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 189.  He’ll do the heavy lifting from there.

Below: The suspect from store surveillance and his vehicle


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Man Arrested In Theft From Walmart

After receiving numerous tips this week about a theft of electronics and toys from Walmart, the Dalton Police Department arrested Jason Lamar Benton Thursday on a charge of felony theft. Benton, 37 years old, of 4429 Lilac Lane in Chattanooga, turned himself in to investigators after his picture was circulated by area media and online.

The theft happened during the early morning hours of August 28th at the Shugart Road Walmart. Benton arrived at the store and parked on the side of the building where he cut a hole in the fence around the garden center, and then parked in the parking lot. He then went into the store, loaded a shopping cart with computers and televisions and pushed the items into the garden center. Next, he drove his minivan back to the hole in the fence and loaded it with the stolen merchandise. He repeated the process one more time before leaving the store. The stolen items were valued at $2,418.01.

On Tuesday, the Dalton Police Department released surveillance pictures of the crime online and also to area media outlets and immediately received a large number of tips from the public identifying the suspect as Benton.  Benton made arrangements with a detective to surrender and turned himself in on a charge of felony theft on Thursday afternoon.

The Dalton Police Department thanks everyone who called in with information about this case.

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Man Cuts Hole In Fence To Rob Walmart

UPDATE (9/9/16) An arrest has been made in this case.

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying a man who cut a hole in a fence at Walmart and used it to smuggle merchandise valued at more than $2,000 from the store. The loot included TVs, computers, and toys.

The theft happened sometime between 1:40 am and 4:00 am on August 28th at the Shugart Road Walmart. A white male driving a silver minivan, possibly a Honda Odyssey, pulled up to the western wall of the store and then got out of the car and cut a hole in the fence of the lawn and garden section. The man then drove back into the main parking lot and parked in a space and entered the store. He loaded merchandise into shopping carts and then pushed them into the lawn and garden section close to the hole in the fence. After exiting the store, the man then drove his minivan to the hole in the fence and loaded the items into the van. He then parked his car again and repeated the process a second time.

The stolen items included two HP all-in-one desktop computers, an LED TV, seven different boxes of Lego toy sets, and three Marvel action figures. In all, the stolen merchandise is valued at $2,418.01.

The suspect is a white male with a skinny build and appeared to be in his mid to late 30’s. He had brown hair with a buzzed or shaved haircut. He wore a blue shirt with cargo shorts and black Nike shoes. He had a large set of keys hanging from one of his belt loops. Pictures of the suspect from the store surveillance system are included with this release.

Below: The suspect recorded on store surveillance

walmart suspect 2walmart suspect 1

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Man Uses Sleight Of Hand To Rip Off Walmart

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a man who used quick hands to rip off the Walmart Neighborhood Market of $540 in cash. His hands were fast, but not quite as fast as the store’s surveillance system.

On August 27th, two men entered the Walmart Neighborhood Market on West Walnut Avenue and split up. The first man went to the customer service desk and handed the clerk nine $100 bills and asked for change. The clerk went into the back area and then returned with $900 in $20 bills. After the clerk counted out the money, the suspect divided the money into two stacks and quickly tucked the money into a pocket without the clerk noticing it. He then told the clerk that he needed the money in $5 bills instead of $20’s. The clerk took the remaining $20 bills without realizing any were missing and went into the back to count out more change. Once the clerk was in the back, the suspect left with the original nine $100 bills and also $540 in $20 bills that the clerk did not realize had been taken.

The second man went to a separate cash register and also asked for change for $100 bills several times but did not leave the store with any extra money. The men left the store together in a white or silver passenger car.

The suspect is a Hispanic male with dark hair and facial hair. He wore jeans with a black shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest. The man traveling with the suspect was also a Hispanic male, clean shaven with dark hair and a slender build, wearing jeans and a white long-sleeved button down shirt.

Anyone who knows the identity of either man is asked to please contact Detective Brian Shirley at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 189.

Below: Two images of the suspect in a dark shirt captured by store surveillance along with the man traveling with him in white.

Suspect #1.1Suspect #1.2man #2

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DPD Arrests Man For Attempted Child Molestation

The Dalton Police Department arrested a Rossville man on Thursday after he tried to meet two 14 year old girls for sex. 48 year old Derrick Ethan Strong did not realize he was talking to an undercover Dalton officer online when he tried to set up the meeting.

The investigation into Strong began on August 31st when Dalton detectives received a complaint that Strong was soliciting underage girls at the Stay Lodge at 1116 Willowdale Road. Detectives learned that Strong had been staying in a room at the Stay Lodge for at least the last 8 months. The complainant reported that Strong had given at least one teenage girl a business card with his contact information hand-written on it. Investigators attempted to locate Strong for an interview later in the day on August 31st but were unable to locate him.

On September 1st, while investigators were still trying to locate Strong, he initiated a conversation with an undercover Dalton detective that Strong believed to be a 14 year old girl. During the course of the sexually explicit online conversation, Strong arranged a meeting with what he believed to be the 14 year old girl and her 14 year old friend. Strong agreed to meet the girls at the Park Canyon Apartments complex on College Drive. When Strong arrived he was taken into custody by Dalton detectives without incident.

Strong was charged with two counts of attempted child molestation and two counts of soliciting a minor for indecent purposes.

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