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We’re Here To Pump… You Up!

Two officers from the Dalton Police Department dropped by Brookwood Elementary School on Friday morning to work out with Coach Weaver’s 5th grade class.  Officers Jacob Allen and Lane Bennett were invited to come to the school to help with the workouts for the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For Heart Event.

There’s no word yet on who was more worn out afterwards: our officers or the kids.

Below: Officers Jacob Allen and Lane Bennett hit the gym with Brookwood Elementary 5th graders for sit-ups, jumping rope, and some ping pong


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DPD Officers Volunteer At Special Olympics Basketball

The Dalton Police Department joins law enforcement agencies across Georgia throughout the year to lend a helping hand to Special Olympic athletes both through fundraising and also assisting on competition days. Several officers took time out of their schedules on Friday morning to cheer on athletes from Special Olympics Dalton-Whitfield as they met for their basketball competition at the Mack Gaston Community Center.

Officers were on hand to help score games, assist athletes with some of the games, and also to cheer on athletes as they competed. This spring, the DPD will participate in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run effort which is annually the largest statewide fundraising project for Special Olympics Georgia.

Below: Lt. Chip Whitfield (kneeling) and Officer Terry Smith assist and cheer on Special Olympic athletes during skills competitions at Friday’s basketball event


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One Suspect In Custody, Another Sought

UPDATE (November 10, 2016) – Jamie Michael Anderson has been arrested.

The Dalton Police Department is asking for information from the public about the whereabouts of 40 year old Jamie Michael Anderson, most recently of 1217 Maple Street in Dalton. Anderson is wanted on warrants for motor vehicle theft and also nine counts of financial transaction card fraud related to a January 14th incident.

The original incident happened on the afternoon of January 14th when a 2007 Toyota Camry that was left unlocked with the keys and the victim’s wallet inside was stolen from a parking lot on Showalter Avenue. A short time later, the victim’s bank cards were used and surveillance video of the transactions were obtained by Dalton investigators. On January 19th, pictures of two suspects were distributed by area news media outlets and the DPD’s social media accounts and multiple people called in to identify the two suspects as 33 year old Crystal Russell (aka Crystal Vanover or Crystal Nunez) and Jamie Michael Anderson.

Later on the night of January 19th, the stolen Toyota Camry was spotted by a sheriff’s deputy in Fannin County who attempted to pull the vehicle over on suspicion of impaired driving. The vehicle, driven by Anderson, did not stop and led the deputy on a short pursuit. Fannin County deputies located the vehicle abandoned in a driveway a short while later and found Crystal Russell hiding nearby.  She was taken into custody and remains in custody in Fannin County. She is also facing warrants for motor vehicle theft and financial transaction card fraud in Dalton after she is released by Fannin County. Anderson, however, was not captured by deputies and remains at large.

Pictures of Jamie Michael Anderson are included below. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to please contact Detective Sam Eaton at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 158.

Below: Jamie Michael Anderson

Jamie Michael AndersonJamie Anderson DL pic

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DFD Firefighter Honored For Life-Saving Effort

DFD EngineerMark Richardson Honored

Engineer Mark Richardson was honored at Tuesday’s meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission for his heroic effort to save a child from choking while off duty at a basketball game in Calhoun earlier this month. Chief Bruce Satterfield presented Richardson with a special commendation.

Richardson was attending a basketball game on January 2nd, 2016 in Calhoun when a 2-year old child began choking on a pickle. The child’s mother is Kristina Reed, the widow of the late Dalton firefighter Andy Reed who passed away in 2009 after a battle with brain cancer.  Reed called out to Richardson when the child began to choke and Richardson jumped into action, quickly performing the Heimlich maneuver and dislodging the food from the child’s throat.

Chief Satterfield presented Richardson with a certificate on Tuesday morning, and also pinned a commendation ribbon to his uniform.

Below: Dalton Fire Chief Bruce Satterfield (right) presents a commendation certificate to Engineer Mark Richardson (left) and pins a commendation ribbon onto his uniform


PSC Officers Elected

As this morning’s meeting was the first of 2016 for the Public Safety Commission, the body held an election for officers for the new year.  Chairman William B.Weaver and secretary Terry Mathis were both re-elected to another year long term in those positions by unanimous vote of the Public Safety Commission.

The Dalton Public Safety Commission is comprised of Chairman William B. Weaver, Carlos Calderin, Terry Mathis, Keith Whitworth, and Kenneth E. Willis.

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DPD Investigating Crash, Seeking Witnesses

The Dalton Police Department is looking for witnesses of a crash that happened this morning on the North Dalton Bypass. The crash resulted in non-life threatening injuries to all parties involved and severe damage to both vehicles.

The crash was reported shortly after 8:20 am on the North Bypass (GA 3) at the intersection with Cross Plains Trail. A white 2012 Chevy Sonic driven by Vanessa Harrison of Dalton was traveling northbound on the Bypass and struck a black 2005 GMC Sierra truck as the truck attempted to turn left from Pleasant Grove Drive across from Cross Plains Trail to travel southbound on the Bypass.  The truck, which was driven by Blake Burris of Ringgold, was flipped onto its side by the impact. Burris, Harrison and a passenger in the Sonic were transported to Hamilton Medical Center with injuries that were considered non-life threatening.

Both drivers reported to a DPD investigator that they believed they had the right of way from the traffic signal at the intersection. Burris told an investigator that he had a flashing yellow turn arrow and Harrison told police that she had the green light. No witnesses stopped at the scene. The Dalton Police Department is asking anyone who witnesses this crash this morning to please contact Officer Matthew Dykes at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 147.

Below: The aftermath of this morning’s crash



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Beware: Phone Scammers Still Hard At Work

Unfortunately, phone scammers don’t take snow days. The Dalton Police Department has received multiple complaints from residents reporting a phone scam by callers claiming to be from the IRS. In at least one case, an area resident sent the callers more than $3,000 before realizing that it was a scam.

In this particular scam, callers claiming to either be from the IRS or from an accounting firm working with the IRS call and tell victims that they are owe the government money and that they have a warrant for the arrest of the victim. In at least one case, the scammers threatened the victim that she would be arrested if she hung up the phone.  The scammers then direct the victim to withdraw a sum of money and then deposit the money into their bank account at the Bank of America.

The IRS or other government agencies do not work in this manner. Information posted on the IRS website at states that the agency will not call to demand an immediate payment and will not contact you by phone without first sending a bill in the mail. They will also never demand payment without allowing you to question of appeal the amount owed. They will also never demand that you pay in a specific way (such as depositing the money into a bank account in this case or putting money onto a prepaid debit card). IRS officials will also never threaten to bring in police or other law enforcement to arrest you for non-payment. They will also never ask for your credit, debit, or social security information over the phone.  The IRS advises you to simply hang up without giving information out if you don’t owe taxes or don’t believe that you do. If you aren’t sure, you can hang up and call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to find out.

This is just one scheme that phone scammers are trying to pull off. If someone calls you claiming to be from any government organization demanding money, it’s most likely not legitimate.

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Couple Steals Car, Wallet, Goes On Shopping Spree

UPDATE (November 10, 2016) Arrests have been made in this case.

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying two people who used a stolen debit card taken when a 2007 Toyota Camry was stolen last week. The man and woman were recorded on a store surveillance camera. The car was left unlocked with the keys and the victim’s wallet inside.

The victim reported that he had left his car parked in a parking lot at 817 Showalter Avenue on the afternoon Thursday, January 14th.  The car was left unlocked with the keys and the victim’s wallet inside. Sometime between 2:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon the car was stolen. A check of the victim’s bank account showed that purchases were made immediately following the theft of the car at businesses along Cleveland Highway and also in Tennessee totaling more than $1,000.  Those purchases included nearly $200 at an Auto Zone store, more than $200 at an O’Reilly Auto Parts, and an unknown amount at Tractor Supply Company.

The stolen car is a silver 2007 Toyota Camry that has a noticeable dent in the front passenger door. The suspects are a white male and a white female. The male is skinny and wore a polo shirt with a red hat. The woman is blonde with a pony tail wore a red UGA hoodie and a blue ball cap.

Anyone with information on this crime or the identity of the suspects is asked to please contact Detective Sam Eaton at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 158.

Below: The suspects pictured on surveillance footage

NP maleNP female2NP suspects3

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DPD Offers Vacation Check Program

One of the lesser known services that the Dalton Police Department offers for our residents is an extra patrol program to watch homes and businesses while owners are out of town. The Vacation Check/Extra Patrol program can give Dalton residents peace of mind when they’re away for business or pleasure. Extra patrols can also be requested for other reasons besides a resident being out of town.

When a Dalton resident requests an extra patrol for their home or business, officers make it a point to check on the building during the course of their shift when they’re not working on other calls or cases.

Dalton residents or business owners can request a vacation check or extra patrol by contacting the DPD’s patrol division at 706-278-9085 and dial 3. You can also fill out a request form online at

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Man Arrested For Injuring Infant

The Dalton Police Department arrested 24 year old Brian Gregory Allen on Tuesday evening on a charge of negligent child cruelty in the 2nd degree.  The charge comes after an investigation into a head trauma that put a two and a half month old baby in the hospital earlier this month. The baby survived the injury.

The investigation began on January 4th when the Whitfield County Department of Family and Child Services contacted Dalton investigators about an infant being treated for head trauma at the TC Thompson Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga. The baby was suffering from what doctors called a non-accidental head trauma.  Investigators determined that Allen, who is not the child’s father but is in a relationship with the child’s mother, was taking care of the baby during the day on January 4th. He reported to a Dalton detective that he was playing with the baby. At approximately 4 pm, Allen said that he noticed the baby had stopped breathing and contacted the baby’s grandmother who called 911. EMS responded to the scene and transported the baby to Hamilton Medical Center and shortly after the baby was airlifted to Chattanooga. The baby did survive and has since been released from the hospital.

Allen is charged with negligent child cruelty in the 2nd degree because the investigation found that he did not handle the baby with sufficient care while he said he was playing with the baby, but investigators do not believe that there was any intent on Allen’s part to harm the baby.

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Man Arrested For Lewd Conduct

The Dalton Police Department arrested 49 year old Kenneth Charles Adams of Chatsworth Friday on charges related to lewd conduct and investigators are now trying to find out if other people in the area have been similarly victimized.

Friday’s incident took place at the K-Mart at 1203 Glenwood Avenue between 3:00 and 3:30 pm. The victim told police that he was trying on shoes in the back of the store when a man, later identified as Adams, walked up close to the victim and began rubbing his groin in a lewd manner through his pants while staring at the victim making grunting noises. After an investigation, officers charged Adams with loitering, criminal trespass, and stalking.

While officers spoke with Adams in the parking lot of the K-Mart regarding this incident, a second man who was walking into the store approached officers with his 16 year old son and reported that they recognized Adams as a man who had engaged in lewd conduct towards the 16 year old in November. The teen victim reported that he had been using a urinal in the bathroom at the Shugart Road Walmart in November when the man he identified as Adams walked up to the urinal next to his. This teenage victim reported that the man he identified as Adams looked over the divider and began to masturbate watching the victim. The victim and his father reported that they did not report the incident to police at the time because they did not think it was likely that the offender could be located. That report is still being investigated.

Investigators are asking anybody in the community who may have had a similar experience with Kenneth Adams to please contact Officer Michael Hughes at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 130.

Below: Kenneth Charles Adams

Kenneth Charles Adams

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