Signs For Yard Sales, Other Ads Violate City Ordinances

The Dalton Police Department’s code enforcement officers want your yard sale to be a huge success. That’s why they don’t want to have to take down your signs.

In recent weeks, code enforcement officers have seen more signs advertising yard sales and other messages posted on public rights of way and also on utility poles or telephone poles around town. This violates Dalton ordinances 4.1-10 and 4.1-11 prohibiting signs to be posted on an public right of way or for signs to be posted on utility poles, telephone poles, or traffic control devices.  Not only are these signs an eyesore, but they can also do damage.  DPD code enforcement officers have reported that tape used to affix signs to the green traffic poles around downtown Dalton takes chunks of the green paint off when signs are removed.

Code enforcement officers will be removing any signage that violates city codes.

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