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Traffic Issues On College Drive

Sitting in traffic can be frustrating, but drivers jumping out of line on College Drive are creating a dangerous traffic situation and the Dalton Police Department is working to educate drivers about the situation through increased patrols in the area. 

With classes back in session at Dalton State College, traffic near the intersection of College Drive and Walnut Avenue has gotten heavier.  As drivers traveling southbound on College Drive reach the intersection, most drivers attempt to turn left onto Walnut to access the shopping area of the I-75 on ramps. Because there is only a stop sign at the intersection, this causes traffic to back up on the road way. Some drivers instead get out of line to turn right and head eastbound up Dug Gap Battle Road and then attempt a U-Turn to travel back towards the interstate ramps and Walnut Avenue.  Doing so requires improper lane usage and an improper turn, however, and is against the law.

Since January, there have been 12 crashes in this area including one that caused injuries. The DPD Traffic Unit has placed an electronic sign near the intersection to warn drivers not to attempt u-turns on Dug Gap Battle Road and officers are patrolling the area.  Drivers who do not want to wait in traffic at the College/Walnut intersection can instead travel north on College Drive to Tibbs Road and access I-75 through the Rocky Face on ramps on Highway 41. 

Below: A line of traffic waits to turn left onto Walnut Avenue from College Drive; the DPD Traffic Unit's electronic message board warns drivers turning westbound onto Dug Gap Mountain Road to stay right and not attempt a u-turn


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Woman Steals Wallet Lost At Walgreen’s

The Dalton Police Department is asking for help from the public with identifying a woman who stole a wallet left behind on a counter at a Dalton Walgreen’s pharmacy. The wallet contained approximately $100 in cash along with credit cards, personal identification and other items. The theft was recorded on store surveillance.

The incident happened September 7th at the Walgreen’s on East Walnut Avenue.  At approximately 4:20 pm, the victim made her purchases and then left her wallet behind on the checkout counter accidentally.  The next woman in line behind the victim then approached the checkout and pays for her items and walks away before turning around and walking back to the counter to take the wallet.  She then walks out of the store. When the victim realized her wallet was missing she cancelled her credit cards and returned to the store, a store manager reviewed the incident on surveillance video and then the victim contacted police.  The suspect is a heavyset white female with long dark hair.  She wore a black shirt and pants with a patterned design.  The suspect arrived at the store in a newer model orange Kia Soul.  Pictures of the suspect and the vehicle are included with this release.

Anyone with information on this incident or the identity of the suspect is asked to please call Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 165.  

Below: The suspect is pictured on store surveillance (click images to see a larger version)

Wlagreens suspect frontWalgreens supect sideWlagreens suspect vehicle

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