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Beware Phone Scammers Posing As Cops

The Dalton Police Department is warning area residents to beware of a phone scammer claiming to be from the Atlanta Police Department. A Whitfield County resident reported being contacted by the scammer today.

The complainant reported that she received a phone call from a man claiming to be with the Atlanta Police Department. The man asked the complainant if she had been contacted by someone from the Dalton Police Department regarding a tax evasion investigation. The complainant stated that the caller then attempted to get her to verify her address. At this point, she recognized it as a scam and hung up.

The phone number that showed up on caller ID is a number that is used by the Atlanta Police Department. A DPD investigator contacted the Atlanta Police Department and they are aware of similar incidents of someone “spoofing” their number on caller ID and trying to use it to scam people. This scam is under investigation.

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be with law enforcement, do not give out any information such as your social security number or bank information without first verifying that they are actually law enforcement personnel. You can contact your local law enforcement agency by phone to be sure. 

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DPD Earns National Recognition For Traffic Safety Efforts

The Dalton Police Department is being recognized for having one of the best traffic safety enforcement and education programs in the country.  The International Association of Chiefs of Police awarded the department third place honors among similar sized agencies in its annual Law Enforcement Challenge. The IACP also gave Dalton a special award for having the best distracted driving campaign in the country.

The Law Enforcement Challenge is an annual competition of law enforcement agencies focusing on traffic safety issues such as occupant safety, speed, and impaired driving. Departments’ efforts are graded by a panel of judges on criteria such as problem identification, policies, officer training, public education, enforcement, and the outcomes achieved by their efforts.  The DPD earned third place honors among municipal police departments with between 76 and 250 officers.

“This is a great example of the Traffic Enforcement Unit, and the patrol division as a whole, working toward a common goal,” said DPD Chief Jason Parker. “Their approach was creative, and had positive results. Our officers deserve all the credit for this recognition, and they definitely earned it.”

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Woman Suspected Of Stealing From Purse In Store Office

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying a woman who entered the office of a store and stole items from an employee’s purse. The suspect was recorded on store surveillance and her picture is included below.

The incident happened shortly before 2:30 pm on July 18th at the Books-A-Million store in Walnut Square Mall. One of the employees reported hearing the door to the back office opening and closing, but when another employee checked the room it was empty. The victim later returned to the office and noticed that her purse had been moved and that her driver’s license, a debit card, and cash were missing from her wallet.  The victim checked store surveillance and saw a woman enter the office and then quickly leave again while talking on her cell phone.

The suspect is a black female who wore a black Chicago Bulls tank top and dark colored shorts. Anyone with information on the identity of the suspect or this incident is asked to please contact Detective Aaron Simpson at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 253. 

Below: The suspect is recorded on store surveillance.

Booksamillion suspect

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Stolen Bank Info Used To Buy Pre-Paid Credit Card

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying a man who used stolen credit card information to buy a prepaid MasterCard.  The suspect was recorded on store surveillance at the Shugart Road Walmart making the fraudulent purchase and his picture is included below.

The incident was reported to police on July 6th by the victim who lives in Wartrace, Tennessee.  The victim told investigators that she had been in Dalton recently but that she had never lost possession of her bank card. She reported that after being in Dalton her card information was used on July 3rd at the Shugart Road Walmart to make a purchase of a prepaid Gold MasterCard for $107.55.

A Dalton investigator retrieved surveillance video of the transaction from Walmart and found a picture of the suspect. He is a black male with close cropped hair and a beard who wore a black shirt and a vest.  Anyone with information on this man’s identity or this incident is asked to please contact Detective Matt Lowery at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 133.

Below: The suspect recorded on store surveillance

Walmart Suspect

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Remember: Your Kids Need To Be In Car Seats!

Many if not most parents know that Georgia law requires children under the age of eight to be in an appropriate car safety seat or a booster seat. But the DPD's Traffic Enforcement Unit reports that they're continuing to encounter kids who aren't properly restrained on Dalton's roads. Here's a quick reminder of what Georgia law says about child safety seats along with a few helpful hints. This information is important not just for staying legal, but more importantly for keeping your kids as safe as possible when they're in the car.

Georgia's Child Passenger Safety Laws: What you need to know.

O.C.G.A. § 40-8-76

All children under the age of eight are required to be properly restrained in an appropriate child passenger safety seat or booster seat.

Who is Covered?

  • All children under eight years of age riding in a passenger automobile, van, or pickup truck while the vehicle is in motion on a public road, street or highway of Georgia.

Who Must Comply?

  • All drivers on Georgia roadways with (see exemptions).

Vehicles Exempted

  • Taxi cabs
  • Public Transit

Other Exemptions

  • In a vehicle not equipped with both lap and shoulder belts or in instances that lap and shoulder belts are being used to properly restrain other children, a lap belt can be used to restrain children weighing at least 40 pounds.
  • If parent can show that the child's height is over 4'9".  The child still must be restrained by a safety belt. In addition, code section 40-8-76.1 (e)(3) stipulates that each minor six years of age or older who is an occupant of a passenger vehicle must be restrained by a safety belt. "Passenger vehicles" are defined as every motor vehicle designed to carry 10 or less. The definition includes pick-up trucks for occupants under 18.

Other Helpful Information:

  • Do not buy used car seats/boosters from yard sales or flea markets.  Child safety seats have expiration dates (generally around 6 years from the date of manufacture) due to the materials in car seats break down over time.  Also, child safety seats should be replaced if they have been in a crash.  They are also subject to recalls from the manufacture for replacement or repairs.  You won’t be able to know the history of the seat if you buy it second-hand.
  • What age can you turn your child from a Rear-Facing Position to a Forward-Facing Position?

Per Georgia law, you can turn the child around at the age of One Year.  However, it is safer to leave the child in a rear-facing position as long as he/she still fits comfortably in that position.  A child's neck muscles develop at different rates and even a child beyond the legal requirement may not be strong enough to endure the forces generated by a crash.

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DPD Seeks ID Of Two Men Using Stolen Credit Card Information

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying two suspects who used stolen credit card information to buy more than $500 worth of gasoline and groceries in Dalton.  The suspects were recorded on store surveillance and their pictures are included with this release.

The victim lives in Livingston, Tennessee and contacted DPD investigators after seeing the fraudulent activity on his bank account.  The victim is currently on vacation in Florida and believes that his credit card information was stolen by a skimmer somewhere along the way.  The victim reported that his card information was used seven times at three locations in Dalton on July 9th.  The suspects made a number of fuel and grocery purchases at the Kroger on Glenwood Avenue and then also made fuel purchases at a Kangaroo service station in Dalton.  In all the fraudulent purchases totaled $542. 

The suspects are both black males.  One wore a white t-shirt and appears to have a beard while the other wore a black shirt and wore a goatee. Images of the two suspects are included with this release.  Anyone with information on the identity of these suspects or this incident is asked to please contact Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 165.

Below: The suspects are recorded on store surveillance


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Crash Damages Downtown Building

The Dalton Police Department is investigating a car crash that damaged a downtown Dalton building Thursday night. There were no serious injuries in the crash. 

The crash happened shortly before 6:00 pm Thursday when a 1998 Ford Taurus driven by 59 year old Don Kalebaugh was traveling southbound on Hamilton Street and ran the red light at the intersection with Emery Street.  Kalebaugh, of 801 Cavender Road in Dalton, struck a car that was turning southbound onto Hamilton Street and then left the roadway, striking the corner of the building at 618 South Hamilton Street causing significant damage to the structure.  The building now houses Martial Traditions Karate which recently opened, and is the former home of the 5th Quarter Pub and the Castaway Club.

Charges have not yet been filed and investigators are still working to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved. Charges are possible in the case.

Below: The damage to the building pictured on Friday morning (click images to see larger versions)


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