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Arrest Log

Arrest log 1-1-15

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DPD Investigating Stabbing

The Dalton Police Department is on scene at 1603 Elaine Way investigating a stabbing. The suspect was taken into custody and taken to Hamilton Medical Center where he was in stable condition. 

Police were dispatched at 12:20 pm this afternoon to a report of a stabbing at the residence. Emergency Medical Technicians staged near the scene waiting for police officers to arrive and spotted David Dyer, 48, bleeding outside the residence. Dyer attacked and fought with one of the EMTs and was arrested by responding officers. The EMT was transported to Hamilton Medical Center with minor injuries. Dyer was transported with what appeared to be self inflicted cuts to his wrists. Inside, officers found his wife Glenda Dyer with apparent stab wounds. She was transported to the hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. 

Investigators have obtained a warrant for Mr. Dyer on a charge of aggravated assault. Any other potential charges are pending.  This incident is still under investigation.

Below: Officers at 1603 Elaine Way


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A Chilling Crime

Thankfully, last night was mostly quiet in Dalton as most residents heeded warnings to stay home and enjoy the snow. Unfortunately, the night didn't pass without one chilling crime. Dalton firefighters at Station #1 marked last night's snow by building a snowman, complete with a fire helmet. Sadly, he did not survive the night.

At some point during the night, while the firefighters slept, someone knocked off the poor snowman's head. The scene was immediately marked off with crime scene tape to preserve evidence for investigators. In fact, the scene was marked off so quickly that some observers believe Dalton Police officers were present when the snowman met his icy demise (and were perhaps even responsible) but that's just speculation on the part of the firefighters.

It's an unfortunate event and there really aren't any words of comfort at a time like this, but if Snowy McFirefighter could speak we're sure he'd tell his DFD brethren, "don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

Below: Pictures from the scene


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Winter Weather Event Arrives In Dalton

Update (2/25/15, 8:30 AM)

The main roads in Dalton like Walnut and Waugh Street are mostly clear, but there are a lot of icy patches. Secondary roads in Dalton are still covered with snow. If you can delay travel or avoid it altogether, please do! 

Update (2/25/15, 6:50 PM) 

The snow is now sticking to the roads in Dalton and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. We hope you're in for the night. If not, PLEASE be careful out there. As the temperature falls, bridges can freeze more quickly than the roads. 

Update (2/25/15, 5:50 PM): From the Whitfield County Emergency Operations Center (EOC):

"Dug Gap Battle Rd is closed between Battlefield Park and Hurricane Rd except for local traffic. Please use an alternate route."

Update (2/25/15, 5:30 PM)

Snow is now falling in downtown Dalton. Some of it is melting as it hits pavement, which is making for wet roads and bridges that could freeze as the temperature falls tonight. Meteorologists are predicting heavy snowfall over the next several hours.

Please avoid driving if at all possible tonight. If you must go out, please slow down. Use a lower gear. Use extra caution after dark as patches of black ice will be difficult to see. Allow extra time to get to your destination. Don't follow too closely. Pack some emergency supplies including a flashlight, blankets, and food and drink in case you end up becoming stranded for some period of time.

Update (2/25/15, 2:15 PM): From the Whitfield County Emergency Operations Center (EOC):

As a winter storm creeps towards North Georgia that could bring between 1 and 3 inches of snow, local officials are asking drivers to stay off the roads this afternoon and evening.

Many local government offices are closing early and letting their employees head home before the snow is expected to begin. All non-emergency city of Dalton and Whitfield County offices close at noon.

“Please exercise an abundance of caution while traveling home today,” according to a release from Whitfield County government. “Employee safety is paramount and this decision was made by the board of commissioners for the benefit of everyone’s commute home. Our Emergency Management Office strongly recommends to avoid any unnecessary travel during the afternoon and evening.”

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Dalton Police Department Launches Phone App

The Dalton Police Department is making it easier for citizens with smart phones to interact with the agency through the use of a new smart phone app.  The app, called “MyPD” is available free of charge now through both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

The smart phone app is the department’s latest effort to reach citizens through the internet.  The DPD has operated a blog site and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for several years.  The new app is designed to make it easier for mobile users to reach the department’s social media services on the go and also give users better access to the department for questions and crime tips. The app also gives users the option to receive push notifications either from the department’s Twitter feed or direct messages sent from the police department.

“People are more mobile now than ever before,” said Chief Jason Parker. “It just makes sense to reach them wherever they are. From passing on general information to sending some sort of alert, people are far more likely to have a cell phone handy than a laptop.”


The MyPD Homepage for DPD

The MyPD app was developed for law enforcement agencies by a company called Wired Blue, and Dalton is one of seven agencies in the state of Georgia to use the app to improve communication with residents. Using the app is another layer of the agency’s strategy to communicate with residents. The department still works with local media outlets such as newspapers and television news outlets. The use of the internet, social media, and the new app can give Dalton residents more access to news and information from the department and also give users the chance to send information back to the agency.

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DPD Explorers Impress At Competition

The Dalton Police Department's Explorers added some new hardware to the department's trophy case with a big win and two other strong showings at a weekend competition in Alabama.  The DPD Explorers traveled to the Law Enforcement Exploring Competition in Montevallo and competed with Explorers from other agencies in a number of different law enforcement scenarios.

The Explorers competed in four events, taking top honors in the "Domestic Violence Response" scenario and finishing in second place in both the "Traffic Crash Investigation" and "Search and Arrest" scenarios.  The Explorers also earned fourth place honors in the "Unknown Traffic Stop" scenario.

The Law Enforcement Explorer Program allows young men and women to gain training and experience in the law enforcement field. The program also provides opportunities for community involvement and development. Program activities center around law enforcement training, organized recreational activities and competitive events. Officer David Saylors currently oversees the program.

To be eligible for the program, an applicant:

  • Must be between 14 (in 9th grade) and 20 years old. 
  • Must maintain at least a "C" average in every class, and must remain enrolled in school until graduation or earn a GED
  • Must attend regularly scheduled meetings, including physical training

Below: The DPD Explorers pose with their new trophies after the competition in Montevallo, Alabama. From L to R, Ben Phillips, Explorer First Class Shaw Scott, Lieutenant Corey Greene, Sergeant Trey Williams, and Logan Huggins.


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Congratulations, Truman Whitfield!

After nearly 40 years in policing and 28 years of service to the Dalton Police Department, today is the last day on the beat for Assistant Chief Truman Whitfield.  The department marked Chief Whitfield’s last day with a low-key gathering in the department’s roll call room Friday afternoon in accordance with his request not to have a larger, more public send-off.

Before coming to the Dalton Police Department, Chief Whitfield served as a deputy with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office.  After joining the DPD, Chief Whitfield served in many different capacities as a patrol officer, investigator, and a supervisor.  He was promoted to the rank of assistant chief in October 2009.

“For the last six years he has served admirably, and has quietly achieved so many things that improved the service our citizens receive, and the safety and well-being of our officers,” said Chief Jason Parker.  “As the police department’s administrators, he and I have navigated some good times, some tough times, and everything in between, and I wouldn’t take any of it back.”

At Friday afternoon’s gathering, Captain Tom Phillips presented Chief Whitfield with a framed folded American flag that flew over the Dalton Police Services Center.  Chief Parker presented Chief Whitfield with a gift from the rest of the command staff, a Go Pro video camera. 

Chief Whitfield thanked the gathering of officers and department employees and wished them well, vowing to still be a vocal supporter of the department in his retirement.

The men and women of the Dalton Police Department wish Truman the very best in his retirement and offer sincere congratulations on an exemplary career. 

Below: Retiring Assistant Chief Truman Whitfield; Chief Whitfield cuts his cake at Friday afternoon's ceremony; The DPD Command Staff (from L to R) Captain Tom Phillips, Captain Cliff Cason, Lt. Chip Whitfield, Assistant Chief Truman Whitfield, Chief Jason Parker (to see more pictures from Friday afternoon's ceremony, click here to see a gallery on the DPD Facebook page)

Truman Whitfield024030

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Area Residents Report IRS Phone Scam

As if tax season isn't bad enough by itself, a phone scammer is trying to make it worse for area residents.  The Dalton Police Department has received reports of residents getting phone calls from someone posing as an IRS agent intent to steal their money.  As always, we caution you that government agents will not contact you by phone to demand money over the phone in order to settle warrants or tax issues.  Only scammers do that.

In an incident reported to police this morning, a Dalton resident reported getting a phone call from someone posing as an IRS agent who said that he had a warrant for her arrest for a tax issue.  The caller instructed the victim to withdraw money from the bank and then take it to an area grocery store. Recognizing this as a scam, the victim in the case then hung up the phone before receiving further instructions.

If you believe you've been a victim of this scam or any similar type of scam, contact your local law enforcement agency.  

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Radio Failures Pose Potential Public Safety Threat

Just before midnight on March 23, 2014, a team of officers from the Dalton Police Department went to a house on Ludie Street looking for a man wanted on felony warrants from both Dalton and Murray County.  The suspect had already fired gunshots at Murray County deputies as he fled from them on foot through the woods days earlier. In addition to warrants for aggravated assault on law enforcement officers from that incident, he also faced charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and burglary from Murray County and city warrants for battery, robbery, and theft by taking. 

And as Dalton officers closed in on the suspect, they couldn’t use their radios to communicate with each other.

Despite being just one block away from East Walnut Avenue and a mile from the center of town, as officers entered the 900 square foot house they were unable to get radio reception inside the structure.  Officers outside the house were unable to communicate with those inside. 

Dalton officer Tyler McBrayer was one of the officers on scene that night. He remembers: “an officer inside of the residence was trying to make contact with me and tell me to move from in front of the house in case shots were fired.  I was looking at the officer through the window talking on his radio but was able to only hear static.”

Tyler Steven McBrayer

DPD Officer Tyler McBrayer

With four officers and two supervisors on scene trying to work together to apprehend a dangerous felon, the team had to resort to hand signals and having a sergeant walk around the outside of the building and relay messages by word of mouth.  Fortunately, the suspect, 43 year old Ralph Thomas Ledford, was found by officers hiding in a closet and was taken into custody without incident.

Later, officers determined that they could have used a separate channel to communicate with officers nearby but that would have cut them off from contact with backup officers on the priority channel and the 911 center.

“What are we to do when everything breaks loose and there is not time to remove our radio from our belt to the change the frequency?” Officer McBrayer asked as he recounted the story of the search. “This situation to me is a high officer safety problem.“

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No More Training Wheels: Officer Completes PTO Program

After four months of training, Adolfo Miranda has cleared the final hurdle and is now a full-fledged officer with the Dalton Police Department.  Officer Miranda was sworn in back in September 2014 and has been working in the field with a training officer ever since as part of the agency's PTO (Police Training Officer) program. He received his certificate of completion at the end of last week.

During the four phases of the PTO program, new officers ride with veteran officers who serve as mentors and evaluators. The process takes many months before the department's supervisors and field training officers sign off on a recruit's completion of the process.

Officer Miranda was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  He is a 2012 graduate of Northeastern Illinois University where he played one year of soccer before an injury ended his career.  Miranda received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. 

Below: New DPD Officer Adolfo Miranda displays his certificate of completion of the DPD's PTO program

Miranda certificate

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