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Happy 2014 From the DPD!

Tonight, people across Dalton and around the country will ring in the new year with parties and gatherings. The Dalton Police Department wishes everyone a happy celebration and a safe one.  We urge you to please remember NOT to drink and drive,

Here are some tips to keep your New Year's celebration safe:

If you plan to host a New Year’s Eve party:

  • Make sure your guests have designated sober drivers.
  • Never serve alcohol to guests under 21-years-of-age.
  • Serve plenty of food…And include soft drinks, juice, and water.
  • Take car keys from anyone who thinks about driving impaired.
  • Keep the numbers for local cab companies on hand for impaired guests.

If you plan to attend a New Year’s Eve party, here are some tips to ensure that you arrive home safely:

  • Designate your sober driver before the party begins and give them your car keys.
  • Volunteer to be the designated driver or offer to be one next time out.
  • Before you party, program local cab company numbers in your cell phone so a safe ride is just a call away.
  • Pace yourself.  Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast.  Eat enough food, take breaks, and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Never let a friend out of sight if you think they’re about to drive impaired.

The Dalton Police Department would like to remind motorists of its Zero-Tolerance policy on impaired driving, and ask the help of all motorists to make this a safe New Year on the roadways by, Buckling Up, Slowing Down and Driving Sober.  

The Dalton Police Department gets complaints every year of fireworks and celebratory gunfire as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.  It’s illegal to use most fireworks in Georgia, and it’s illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits of Dalton.  These laws will be enforced.  Remember, even if you’re firing a gun into the air in celebration, those bullets will come down somewhere.

The Dalton Police Department reminds you to stay alert and stay safe as you celebrate tonight!  And, we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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DPD Investigates AT&T Store Theft

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying a man who stole a tablet computer from the AT&T store on Walnut Avenue on December 18th.  The suspect removed the back plate of the tablet and left with the device concealed under his clothing.

The incident happened at approximately 6:30 pm on December 18th.  The suspect, wearing a beige or white sweat suit and a black New York Yankees flat billed hat, entered the store and began looking at phones and tablets.  The suspect was recorded on the store’s surveillance system removing a back piece from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then stealing it.  The device is valued at $739.99. 

Two pictures of the suspect are included below.  Anyone with information on this incident is asked to please contact Officer Daniel Jones at 706-278-9085, extension 220 or by email at  

Below: The suspect is pictured on the store's surveillance system

Cell phone suspect 1 Cell phone suspect 2

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Pedestrian Struck and Injured on Highway 41

A pedestrian was struck and injured after apparently walking into traffic along Highway 41 near Tibbs Road shortly before 6:00 PM Saturday evening. At last report from Hamilton Medical Center, the pedestrian's injuries were not considered life threatening.  

The incident happened at 5:58 PM. A Toyota Prius was driving northbound on Highway 41 neat the Motel 6 at the intersection with Tibbs Road when a pedestrian stepped into the roadway in front of the car. The Prius struck the pedestrian. The driver of the Prius did stop at the scene and was interviewed by investigators with the Traffic Unit. The pedestrian was transported to Hamilton Medical Center with injuries that included leg injuries. Officers have not been able to interview the pedestrian.

Northbound traffic on Highway 41 was closed after the incident and one northbound lane remained closed until shortly before 8:00 PM.

No charges have been filed in this incident and it is still being investigated.

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DPD Arrests Pair In Credit Card Fraud

Thanks in part to public response from a media release, the Dalton Police Department has made a pair of arrests in a recent credit card fraud case.  26 year old Jacob Lee Norris and 33 year old Jean Marie Jones, both of 903 Grandfield Place, turned themselves in on December 22nd on warrants related to the case.

The original incident happened in late November and early December when a stolen credit card was used fraudulently more than 20 times around Dalton to rack up more than $700 in charges.  DPD investigators retrieved surveillance footage of several of the transactions and found that the suspects had children along during the incidents.  Investigators distributed images of the two suspects in area media on December 13th.  After seeing news reports with the images, Jones and Norris contacted the Dalton Police Department.  An investigator obtained arrest warrants and served them Sunday after the pair surrendered. 

Norris was charged with 11 counts of financial transaction card fraud and one count of theft of lost or mislaid property.  Jones was charged with 12 counts of financial transaction card fraud and one count of theft of lost or mislaid property.  The mislaid property charge is in connection with taking the credit card in question, which investigators believe was dropped accidentally by the victim at a gas station.

Below: Jean Marie Jones and Jacob Lee Norris

Jones, Jean Marie Norris, Jacob Lee

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Reward Offered in Robbery Case

The Dalton Police Department is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of suspects in an armed robbery that occurred on December 19, 2013 at 613 North Hamilton St.

The robbery took place Thursday night, December 19th at approximately 10:40 PM at the La Esquin store at 613 North Hamilton Street.  One black male entered the store and approached the clerk and asked questions while a second black male entered the store with a handgun.  The handgun was described as all black with wooden grips.  While the second male pointed the handgun at the clerk’s head, the first male pulled out a taser and attempted to tase the clerk twice.  The second male then struck the clerk in her head with the handgun as the first male grabbed the money out of the register.  Both males then fled North on Hamilton Street on foot.

The description of the suspects are as follows;

Suspect #1                                                                               Suspect #2

Skinny black male                                                                     Larger black male

Height 6” 01”                                                                           Similar Height

Salt & Pepper scruffy beard (2-3 days grown out)                    Burgundy long-sleeved shirt

Yellow teeth                                                                             Dark hoodie

Beanie winter hat (black)                                                          Beanie winter hat

Dark blue or black coveralls                                                     Dark jeans

No gloves                                                                                 Black winter gloves

If you have any information on this crime or the identity of the suspects, please call Detective Scott Murray at 706-278-9085, extension 148.

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DPD Expands Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Dalton Police Department has expanded its full-time Traffic Enforcement Unit from two officers to three, and will be adding a fourth officer to the unit in early 2014. The expansion of the TEU is part of the department’s overall strategic plan with the goal of reducing serious injury crashes in Dalton not just through enforcement, but also through increased educational efforts.

While all patrol officers are available for duty related to traffic, the expansion of the TEU will allow the agency to place more of an emphasis on prevention and education.  TEU officers will teach preventative safety for teens in the 15-18 age range, including the continuation of the “Fatal Vision” program focused on the dangers of drinking and driving.  The traffic unit will also be designing safety programs for younger children.  Many children in Dalton walk to school and educating them about pedestrian safety near roadways and crossings can keep them safe.

“Historically, teens account for many crashes in Dalton, mostly due to a lack of experience” said Officer Brandon Daugherty, one of the officers added last month to the traffic unit.  “Our approach won’t replace the traditional driver’s education class, but it should help raise safety awareness.”

With more full-time officers, the traffic unit will also have more flexibility to respond to traffic complaints brought by citizens.  Rather than just putting patrol units in a problem area for short periods of time, the traffic unit can conduct studies to find out if more actions are needed to resolve issues.

“I get calls from our citizens on a fairly regular basis about traffic safety concerns in their neighborhoods,” said Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker. “Patrol officers address the issues between other calls, but this approach gives us a better chance of addressing the root problem.”

The police department has been met with some success in 2013 in its effort to reduce crashes.  So far this year, crashes are down about 5% from the same year-to-date numbers in 2012 falling from 1,147 to 1,087 crashes.  The number of injury crashes has also shown a slight decrease, falling by about half a percentage point with 243 incidents this year.  The agency has increased the number of DUI arrests in 2013 to 195 from 177 last year. 

That’s a continuation of the work done by the traffic unit and patrol division at large in 2012 that earned a national honor for the agency.  At Tuesday’s meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission, Chief Parker presented a trophy the agency earned for finishing second in its division in the National Law Enforcement Challenge.  That’s a competition is administered by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Traffic law enforcement programs are reviewed not just for enforcement efforts such as citations and participation in campaigns such as Operation Zero Tolerance, but also for educational campaigns made with area media or in classes taught by department officers.  The DPD’s traffic program finished second among municipal agencies with between 76 and 100 officers.  The James City County Police finished first.  The DPD finished 3rd in the NLEC in 2012.

“I think we’ve stepped up our efforts,” said Officer Woody Cantrell, the longest tenured member of the traffic unit. “We’ve done selective enforcement targeting those certain violations that contribute to significant injury crashes like seat belt details where one officer stands on then roadway and calls out to other officers to stop that car. We concentrate on the areas where the most crashes are occurring.”

In addition to their enforcement and educational duties, the members of the traffic unit are also tasked with coordinating all investigations into serious traffic crashes in the city and also all accident reconstruction efforts. 

The expansion of the traffic unit does not involve any additional officers being added to the ranks of the department.  All officers joining the traffic unit are being reassigned from other duties. 

Focusing attention on traffic enforcement may rub some Dalton drivers the wrong way, but Officer Cantrell says the purpose behind the effort isn’t writing more tickets but instead making Dalton’s roads safer.

“All these issues could end up with somebody being hurt,” said Officer Cantrell.  “If you’re not wearing a seat belt and you’re involved in a wreck it’s going to be worse than if you were. And speeding, 10 miles an hour could be the difference between a minor injury and a life threatening one. That’s all it takes is 10 miles an hour.”

Below: Officer Brandon Daugherty, who recently joined the DPD's Traffic Unit, checks the speed of passing cars on East Walnut Avenue and talks to a motoriest during a traffic stop.

011 018

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Traffic Unit Deploys New Mobile Message Board

The Dalton Police Department is employing a new strategy to communicate traffic messages to the public with hopes of reducing the number of serious injury crashes on city roadways.  The department's Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) is now using an electronic mobile message board to post safety messages, warnings, and other information important to motorists.  You'll see it positioned at different places around Dalton in the coming weeks and months.

The message board is currently reminding drivers about Operation Zero Tolerance which is underway in Dalton and also nationwide through January 1st.  The nationwide mobilization of law enforcement agencies targets drunken and impaired driving.  The board will update drivers throughout the year of different campaigns like OZT, Click It Or Ticket, and other initiatives.  

In addition to safety messages, it can be used to inform drivers of delays or road hazards. The board can be controlled from a desktop computer at the Police Services Center, so the TEU can quickly post updates on road conditions in the event of detours, road closures, or other events.

The new sign, obtained from All Traffic Solutions, has many features beyond just the ability to display messages. It can also gather information on traffic patterns and measure and display the speed of passing vehicles. 

Below: DPD Traffic Enforcement Unit members Woody Cantrell (left) and Brandon Daugherty (right) stand next to the department's new mobile message board after deploying it in the median of East Walnut Avenue recently

Traffic Unit Capture

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DPD Publishes Surveillance Pics In WalletTheft From Dalton State

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying a suspect who stole a wallet from the gym at Dalton State College in August and then used a stolen credit card to make more than $90 in purchases from nearby businesses.  The suspect was recorded on store surveillance video using the stolen card and surveillance pictures are included with this release.

The incident happened August 21st when a Dalton State College student reported his wallet missing from the Bandy Gymnasium on campus.  A check on his card’s activity showed that one of his cards was used shortly afterwards at the Racetrac, Burger King, and Kroger on West Walnut Avenue.  The card was also declined at a nearby BP Station.  In all, the card was used to rack up $95.15 in fraudulent purchases.

DPD investigators retrieved surveillance video from the Burger King location of the suspect.  The suspect is a white male who appears to be in his late teens or early 20’s with close cropped dark hair and long sideburns that reach his jaw.  He wore shorts and a light blue t-shirt. 

Anyone with information on the identity of this suspect is asked to please contact Detective Matt Lowery at 706-278-9085, extension 133.

Below: The suspect is pictured on surveillance footage

DSC Subject 1 DSC Subject 2

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DPD Announces Year-End Awards

The Dalton Police Department’s annual employee awards were announced recently at the agency’s Holiday Dinner at Ryman Hall. The awards ceremony capped the event which was held Friday night.

The Officer of the Year was Detective Jason Thompson, a member of the department’s drug unit.  The Non-Sworn Employee of the Year was Betty Nix, who is a records technician.  Both the Officer of the Year and Non-Sworn Employee of the Year awards are nominated and voted on by agency members. 

In addition to those honors, there were several honors selected by the agency’s supervisors. The Division Commanders Award is presented to an outstanding employee in each of the police department’s divisions.  In the Patrol Division the honoree was Officer Jason Robinson.  In Criminal Investigations, the Division Commander’s Award went to Detective Chris Tucker.  In the Support Services Division, the award went to records technician Vickie Vess.  And in the Administration Division, Chief Jason Parker selected Assistant Chief Truman Whitfield as the honoree. 

The department’s Leadership Award was presented to Sergeant Matthew Locke, the operations supervisor in the Criminal Investigations Division.  The Innovation In Police Services Award went to Lt. Chris Cooke.  And the PTO Award, given to an outstanding Patrol Training Officer went to Officer John Edwards.  

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DPD Seeks Identity Of Credit Card Fraud Suspects

UPDATE (12/27/13) Arrests have been made in connection with this case. 

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying two suspects who used a stolen credit card more than 20 times at locations around the Dalton area, running up more than $700 in fraudulent purchases.  On at least one of those occasions, the suspects had children along for the ride.

The victim reported that the credit card was being used at locations around Dalton and Whitfield County in late November and early December.  When DPD investigators retrieved video from Walmart of one of the transactions, they found a white male and white female making purchases.  The female wore a winter hat and sunglasses inside the store and the male wore a black hooded sweatshirt with a black ballcap and sunglasses inside the store.  The suspects left in a silver minivan.  Pictures from the surveillance system are included below.  In all, the stolen card information was used 22 times in Dalton and Whitfield County including multiple occasions at both Walmarts in the county and several Dollar General locations.  The fraudulent purchases totaled $745. 

Below: The suspects and their vehicle.

Capture female Capture female 2Capture maleCapture male 2Image_2

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