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DPD Arrests Man On Sexual Battery, Indecent Exposure Charges

The Dalton
Police Department arrested 20 year old Javier Valdez-Rodriguez early Friday
morning on charges related to three separate incidents that happened in June
and August.  He is charged with two
counts of battery, one count of sexual battery, indecent exposure, and criminal
attempted kidnapping. 

The first
incident occurred at approximately 9:30 pm on June 14th.  A woman reported she was walking down Walnut
Avenue on her way home when a man pulled up beside her driving a dark colored
Honda.  The suspect yelled to the victim
to stop, but she kept walking.  As she
passed the Aaron’s Rental store on East Walnut, the suspect parked his car and
got out and tried to grab her with both hands. 
The victim screamed for help and hit the suspect who disengaged and fled
in his car. 

The second
incident was reported on June 17th at approximately 10:00 pm.  A woman reported that she was also walking on
foot through the parking lot at the Underwood Lodge apartments on Underood
Street when she noticed a dark colored Honda driving past.  When the same woman came out of a nearby
store she noticed the same car parked in the parking lot of the La Providencia
store which was closed.  The suspect
called out to her and asked if she had a cigarette.  When she answered she noticed his penis was
out of his pants.  The victim turned to
run.  She reported hearing footsteps
behind her and seeing the suspect chasing her and trying to grab her.  She screamed and the suspect stopped and got
back into his car, leaving the scene.

The third
incident happened on August 23rd shortly before 10:00 pm also in the
area of Beechland Street.  The victim
reported that she was walking down the street when the suspect drove up beside
her and asked if she needed a ride.  When
she said no, he kept insisting and then got out of the car and tried to wrestle
the victim into his car.  She managed to
escape, but her shirt was torn in the process. 
She ran home and reported the incident to investigators.

One of the
victims in the case was able to report a tag number to investigators.  Late Thursday night, detectives tracked down
Valdez-Rodriguez using the tag number for his car and interviewed him.  He was placed under arrest on charges related
to the case.

are asking anyone else who may have experienced a similar attack to please
contact Detective Tommy Ensley at 706-278-9085, extension 157.  

Below: Javier Valdez-Rodriguez


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DPD Seeks Identity of Suspect In Vehicle Burglary

UPDATE (8/29/13): DPD investigators have identified the suspect in this case as 32 year old Odie Dwain Ellis.  The Dalton Police Department has obtained warrants for Ellis on charges of ID fraud, entering auto, credit card fraud, and credit card theft.  His most recent known address was his mother's residence, but investigators do not believe he is living there now.  Anyone with information about Ellis' whereabouts is asked to please contact Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085, extension 165. 

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public's help
with identifying a suspect involved with a vehicle burglary in the early
morning hours of August 24th.  The
suspect was recorded on surveillance using a credit card stolen in the
incident.  man who fraudulently used a
credit card that was stolen during a vehicle break-in. 

The incident happened at approximately 1:30 am on August
24th when two travelers stopped at the IHOP restaurant on West Walnut
Avenue.  Because they were towing a
trailer, they left their vehicle parked in the neighboring Wendy's parking
lot.  After they left the restaurant and
got back on the interstate, the victims realized that a computer bag was
missing.  They did not see any signs of
forced entry into their car and told investigators they remembered leaving it
locked when they went to eat.  In the bag
were three Blackberry cell phones, a Samsung Galaxy tablet computer, a lap top
computer, a wedding band, a .38 special Smith and Wesson hand gun and
approximately $3,000 in cash.

After returning to Dalton and reporting the incident to
police, one of the victims checked her credit card online and found that it had
been used to make a charge of more than $100 at the Shell service station at
2000 Chattanooga Road.  A surveillance
image of the suspect who used the card and the vehicle he drove is included below..  The suspect is a
white male with close-cropped hair who was not wearing a shirt.  He wore a necklace with a cross on it. 

Shortly after the victims reported the theft,at
approximately 3:00 am,  a man leaving the
Wal-Mart at 815 Shugart Road called police to report that he found the
Blackberry cell phones, the tablet computer left in the bed of his pickup truck
in the parking lot.  Police responded and
determined that the phones and tablet were the items stolen in this case.  They were returned to the owners.

Anyone with information on this incident or the identity of
the suspect is asked to please contact Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085,
extension 165.

Below: The suspect who was recorded using a stolen credit card at the Shell station at 2000 Chattanooga Road (click image to see a larger version)


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“Operation Zero Tolerance” Starts Friday

More people die in alcohol related
crashes between Memorial Day and Labor Day than during any other time of the year.  In an effort to reduce alcohol related
crashes, the Dalton Police Department is joining with other area law enforcement
agencies to participate in “Operation Zero Tolerance” starting Friday, August
16th until Monday, September 2nd.

Operation Zero Tolerance is
Georgia's high visibility enforcement program that targets impaired drivers through
concentrated patrols and sobriety checkpoints. The Georgia campaign coincides with
the national “Over The Limit, Under Arrest” program.

Although state’s per se law for
impairment is driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher,
drivers can still be stopped and charged with “less safe driving” if they
exhibit dangerous driving behaviors while driving with a lower BAC.  Officers with the department are trained to
detect and arrest less safe drivers bringing new meaning to the slogan, “Buzzed
Driving is Drunk Driving.”

Drivers should be aware of the
consequences if they are caught operating a motor vehicle while impaired. With
a first time conviction of driving under the influence the driver is subjected
to possible imprisonment for up to one year, fines in excess of $1000, loss of
driving privileges, and mandatory community service.

Help us make our roadways safer for
everyone. If you are going to drink, you should designate a driver, take a cab,
or phone a friend. These simple suggestions can save you from the dangers of
impaired driving and also keep you from having to take a ride with us.

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DPD Makes Arrest In Attempted Rape

The Dalton
Police Department arrested 41-year old Wayne J. Norwood this morning on charges
related to an attempted rape that occurred in March.  Norwood, of 2191 Waring Road in Dalton, was
charged with aggravated sexual battery, criminal attempt to rape, false
imprisonment, and burglary.

attempted rape happened between 10:30 and 11:00 am on March 7th at
an apartment unit on Vann Circle.  The
victim answered a knock on her door and met the suspect who asked her if one of
his friends was there.  When the victim
said no and tried to close the door, he held the door and forced her back
inside the apartment.  He forced her into
her bedroom and took her clothes off. 
When the victim screamed, the suspect told her to be quiet or he would hurt
her.  The suspect attempted to rape the
victim, but was unable.  He masturbated
instead and then fled.

A neighbor
told Dalton investigators that a white Jeep Cherokee was seen parked in front
of the apartment during the incident that did not belong in the neighborhood.

On June 21st, the Dalton
Police responded to a report of a white male driving a Jeep Cherokee soliciting
women to get into his vehicle at an apartment complex on James Street.  One of the women reported that the driver
attempted to expose his penis as he was talking to her.  The woman took down the Jeep’s license plate
number and relayed it to police.  A
patrol officer spotted the Jeep Cherokee and pulled it over.  Wayne J. Norwood was driving and had an open
container of beer concealed under his shirt. 
While on the scene of the traffic stop, the officer noted that the
vehicle and Norwood both matched the description of the suspect in the March
rape attempt.  After contacting
investigators, Norwood was taken into custody and interviewed by Dalton

After obtaining a search warrant for
Norwood’s DNA, investigators sent a sample of his DNA to the GBI Crime Lab
where it was determined to be a match for DNA evidence that was recovered from
the crime scene of the March rape attempt. 
Investigators arrested Norwood without incident on Thursday morning.

Below: 41-year-old Wayne J. Norwood

Norwood, Wayne J.

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DPD Receives National Accreditation

In the
culmination of more than two years’ worth of work, the Dalton Police Department
was awarded national law enforcement accreditation on Saturday, August 3rd.  The award came after the agency’s final
review this weekend by a committee of CALEA (Commission
on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.) commissioners in
Columbus, Ohio. 

department began the accreditation process in August 2010.  The process started with a lengthy review of
the agency’s policies and procedures during a self-assessment to check
adherence to the more than 460 professional standards set forth by CALEA.  The standards cover every aspect of agency
operations including organization, management, traffic operations, etc.  A team of CALEA assessors visited the Dalton
Police Department for an on-site inspection in April to check the agency’s
compliance. The process concluded last week with the agency’s appearance before
the commission in Ohio.

Chief Jason
Parker was joined at the review in Ohio by the department’s accreditation
manager Officer Brian Shirley and other agency personnel.  The department’s representatives sat before
the committee and answered questions from the commissioners regarding the department’s
operations.  After the review, the review
committee voted to award accreditation to the department.

review committee assigned to the DPD was comprised of Professor Gary W.
Cordner, Ms. Debra Baker, and Mr. Thomas H. Warren, Sr.  Professor Cordner is a professor of criminal
justice at Pennsylvania’s Kutztown University and a former chief of police from
the St. Michael’s (MD) Police Department. 
Ms. Baker is a security director for TD Ameritrade, and retired as a
deputy superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.  Mr. Warren is a former chief of the Omaha
Police Department and serves at the president and CEO of the Urban League of

officers and civilians are a very talented, professional group, and the work
they do every day contributes to the quality of our community,” Chief Parker
said. “Accreditation signals that our personnel are providing great service on
par with or higher than our profession’s best practices.

"We have worked closely with the
Public Safety Commission, Mayor and Council, and members of the community and
appreciate the cooperation and assistance," Chief Parker continued.

Accreditation from CALEA is an internationally recognized benchmark for
professionalism in modern law enforcement agencies.  The organization’s
goals are to strengthen an agency’s crime prevention abilities, formalize
management procedures, improve service delivery, solidify interagency
cooperation, and increase community confidence in the agency.  Currently,
approximately 6% of law enforcement agencies in the United States are CALEA
accredited.  Forty-four Georgia agencies are CALEA accredited, including
agencies like the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, the Rome Police
Department and the Gainesville Police Department.

“We look
forward to the challenge, and exacting standards required to maintain
accreditation,” said Chief Parker of the department’s accreditation which runs
for three years and will be up for review in 2016.  “It improves our department and adds value to
the community”

There are
many benefits to gaining CALEA accreditation.  Along with greater
accountability within the agency, there is also a reduction in risk and
liability exposure, including lower liability insurance costs, and stronger
defense against civil lawsuits because it demonstrates that the agency’s
personnel meet and follow internationally accepted standards for law

A formal
presentation of the accreditation award will be made in the near future.

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Tow Truck Takes Truck

UPDATE (8/8/13) The stolen truck has been recovered. The driver of the
tow truck involved saw a news report with the picture of his truck and contacted Detective Eaton and told him that he was hired to tow the truck from
Dalton to Chattanooga by a man who claimed he’d bought it. The driver produced a bill of sale which the tow
truck driver photographed and showed to our detective. The tow truck driver took our detective to
the location in Chattanooga where he delivered the pickup truck. The resident there claimed he had sold the
truck to a resident of Murray County, Georgia and when detectives went to check
the report they found the stolen pickup abandoned on the side of the road. We are still investigating this
case and no charges have been filed at this time.

However, we can state that the operator of the tow truck in
this case is not suspected of any wrong doing. 

The Dalton
Police Department is asking for information from the public about the owner of
a tow truck which was used to steal an antique truck from a garage late last
month.  The incident was recorded by a
neighbor’s surveillance system.

The theft
happened shortly after 10:30 am on July 28th at a 129 Grace
Street.  A white tow truck with black
stripes was used to drag out and then tow away the stolen vehicle, a green 1955
Chevrolet C3100 pickup truck.  The stolen
truck, which has Georgia tag number BZT6617, had been parked on the property in
a three-sided car port which was visible from the street.  The truck was inoperable and had been parked
in the car port for several years. 

Anyone with information about this
incident or the owner of the rollback two truck is asked to please contact
Detective Sam Eaton at 706-278-9085, extension 158.

Below: Images from a nearby surveillance camera captures an image of a tow truck used to steal a vintage green pickup truck from a property on Grace Street

Tow truck
Zoom on tow truck

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Back To School Zones

School starts next week in Dalton, and that means school zone enforcement does as well.  The Dalton Police Department's Traffic Unit reminds you to use extreme caution during your morning and afternoon commutes as area children head back to their schools.  Motorists should be aware that delays are likely to occur on the roadways near schools due to congestion. Drivers should also keep an eye out for children in
crosswalks and while buses stop to load/unload.

During the long summer vacation it is easy to forget about lower
speeds in school zones. Beginning on Monday, August 8, 2013, Dalton area
schools will be in session and speed reduction zones will be in effect. Drivers
should be aware a reduction in speed is mandatory in any school zone that
is marked with an appropriate sign and flashing signal. Violators are subject
to doubled fines, regardless of the regular posted speed limit, if observed
speeding during enforcement times.

Drivers should also keep an eye out for school buses.  It's illegal to approach or pass a school bus when it has its red flashing lights turned on.  When the red lights are flashing and the stop sign is deployed, all traffic approaching in both directions must come to a complete stop unless the roadway has a physical separation between the directions of travel.  Officers from the DPD patrol division will be on the lookout for violators.

In order to keep traffic flowing smoothly, parents dropping
off and picking up their children are reminded not to block certain areas while
waiting in the car pool line. These areas include roadway intersections and
residential driveways.  Blocking these
areas only add to the congestion and delay everyone’s
commute time. Besides being frustrating to other drivers, interfering with the
free flow of traffic could result in a citation to those in violation.   

Please help us this school year by joining with the Dalton
Police Department to keep our children out of harm’s way. Watch your speed,
look for school zones, and stop for busses loading and unloading children.
Also, remember “seatbelts save lives.” BUCKLE UP!

following areas have enforceable school zones during posted times:

  • Dalton High School – Waugh
    Street from the east entrance of Manly Street to the west entrance of
    Manly Street. The posted school zone speed limit is 30 mph when the
    warning lights are flashing.
  • Dalton Middle School – Cross
    Plans Blvd. from the By-Pass to Dalton Middle School. The posted speed
    limit is 25 mph at all times.
  • Roan Street Elementary School
    – Martin Luther King Blvd. from just west of Grimes Street to Grade
    Street. The posted school zone speed limit is 30 mph when the warning
    lights are flashing.
  • Blue Ridge Elementary School
    / Morris Street High School
    – Morris Street from Harris Street to just
    east of Fourth Ave., the posted school zone speed limit is 25 mph when the
    warning lights are flashing. Also on Fredrick St. from McAfee St to Morris
    St., the posted school zone speed limit is 20 mph when children are
    present in the area.
  • City Park Elementary School
    Thornton Ave. from School Street to Crawford Street. The posted school
    zone speed limit is 25 mph when the warning lights are flashing.
  • Brookwood Elementary School
    Central Ave. from Frances Street to Brown Street. The posted school zone
    speed limit is 25 mph at all times.
  • Westwood Elementary School
    Trammel Street from Tyler Street to Richards Street, which is a one-way
    street heading north and on Jones Street from Richards Street to Tyler
    Street, which is a one-way street heading south.
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Suspects Arrested in Vandalism Cases

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office made three arrests
this afternoon in connection with the July 23rd string of vandalism incidents at area businesses. 
After receiving tips from the public about the culprits, investigators from the
DPD and WCSO interviewed the subjects and sought warrants for their
arrest.  Arrested were Kinsey Logan Baggett, 17, of Resaca; Ricky Herbert
Pratt, 22, and Nicolas Lane Atkins II, 20, both of Dalton. 

The Sheriff’s
Office has charged them with multiple counts of felony criminal damage to
property and criminal trespass.  At this time, the Dalton Police
Department is still working to compile the list of charges against the three
from the 43 cases that happened within the city limits and will be making those
charges soon.

The following is text from a release from Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood:

Three suspects have been charged with the recent vandalism spree where the glass windows at numerous businesses were damaged.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Scott Chitwood received information on the individuals responsible for all the damage and where the truck used during their criminal activity may be located. Chitwood provided this information to detectives conducting the investigation. Investigators from the sheriff’s office were able to locate the vehicle. The truck was a 2007 Ford F-150, silver in color, belonging to Kinsey Logan Baggett.

Investigators from the sheriff’s office and Dalton Police Department began interviewing the three suspects and determined they were the three individuals responsible for all the damage. During this one-night vandalism spree windows were reported being broken out of seven businesses in the county and at least 43 within the city limits. Two slingshots and marbles were used to commit the damage. The three started out hitting street signs with the marbles and progressed to windows during the night. No reason was provided for causing all the damage.

Kinsey Logan Baggett, 17 (left), of Resaca; Ricky Herbert Pratt, 22 (center), and Nicholas Lane Atkins II (right), 20, both of Dalton, are being charged with numerous counts of criminal damage to property (felony) and criminal trespass. (Damages valued at $500 and above are considered criminal damage to property and damages below $500 are considered criminal trespass). All three have been booked into the Whitfield County Jail.

Baggett Mug
Pratt Mug
Atkins Mug

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