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Investigators Release Image of Suspect Vehicle

Three arrests have been made in this case thanks in part to tips from the public.

The Dalton Police Department is releasing a surveillance photo of a truck that investigators believe was used in the July 23rd vandalism spree which left more than 40 area businesses with damaged windows. Investigators are hoping someone will recognize the vehicle and contact the police department with information on the vandalism incidents.

The surveillance image shows what appears to be a late model Ford F-150 driving past Pye Honda at approximately 4:00 am. The truck is light in color, most likely silver, with silver wheels.

In the early morning hours of July 23rd, more than 40 Dalton businesses in the area of Thornton Avenue, Hamilton Street, Walnut Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, and Morris Street had their windows damaged. Investigators believe that a person or persons used some type of slingshot and marbles to damage the windows.  

Suspect Vehicle

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DPD Seeks Man On Assault Charges

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public's help with locating 37 year old Sean Allen McEntyre. He is wanted on warrants for assault and domestic violence.

On the evening of Friday, July 19th, McEntyre assaulted and badly beat a woman he was staying with at the Guest Inn on Chattanooga Road.  The next day, McEntyre was kicked out of the hotel for not paying his bill. He left the scene before officers arrived to supervise the eviction. When officers arrived, they found that he had an outstanding warrant for assault.  The victim in the July 19th domestic assault reported that incident to police on Monday.

McEntyre is 6'1" tall and weighs 195 pounds. His picture is below. His most recent known address was his room at the Guest Inn.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to please contact Officer Ashley Payne at 706-278-9085, extension 308.  


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Rape, Molestation Suspect In Custody

After receiving multiple phone tips regarding his
whereabouts, 57 year old Larry Womac was taken into custody around noon on Wednesday.  Womac was located at a home off
of Westside Circle near Rocky Face. He was taken into custody without

Womac was wanted on multiple warrants stemming from an incident that occured in the early hours of July 20th at the Guest Inn at 2220 Chattanooga Road.  Womac invited two juvenile girls into his room at the hotel. While in the room, Mr. Womac raped one of the girls and sexually assaulted the other.  Both girls later fled from the room.  The incident was later reported to Dalton Police and an investigation began.  Detective Jason Thompson obtained warrants for Mr. Womac's arrest on charges of rape, aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, false imprisonment, cruelty to children in the 1st degree, sexual battery against a child under 16 years of age, and aggravated child molestation.  

On Tuesday afternoon, Dalton investigators issued a press release detailing Mr. Womac's charges to regional media outlets and Womac's face was circulated in broadcast and print reports leading to multiple tips from the public regarding his location.  Dalton officers and an agent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took Womac into custody without incident Wednesday. 

The Dalton Police Department sends thanks to all area media who helped circulate the story.  Thanks also to all who spread the story on social media sites and especially to those who contacted investigators with information about Womac's location.

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Public Safety Commission Notes: New Officers Confirmed

New Officers

The DPD's three newest officers were presented to the Public Safety Commission at its monthly meeting on Tuesday morning.  Officers Blake Edwards, Osvaldo Sicairos, and Matthew Ray each had their appointment as Dalton officers confirmed by a unanimous 3-0 vote of the commission (PSC members Keith Whitworth and Kenneth Willis were unable to attend Tuesday's meeting).  

Officers Edwards and Sicairos both graduated on June 21st from the police academy in Forsyth, Georgia and have been taking part in field training with the Dalton Police Department since. Officer Edwards is a Rome, Georgia native and a 2007 graduate of Armuchee High School.  He is currently studying at Georgia State University where he expects to graduate this fall.  Officer Ray is returning to the Dalton Police after leaving to live in Virginia and also working for the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Crime Report

Chief Jason Parker also reviewed the crime statistics for Dalton covering the month of June 2013.  Compared to June 2012, "Part I" crimes were down but for the year to date they're up by 6%.  "Part I" crimes are the serious crimes grouped together in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system and include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft and arson.  

In June, shoplifting cases made up more than 35% of all theft cases.  The DPD made 21 arrests for shoplifting in June.  Nearly half (47%) of those charged for the crime had prior arrest histories including previous shoplifting or theft charges. PSC Chairman Bill Weaver echoed the concern expressed by Chief Parker about the rate of repeat offenders for shoplifting and other thefts.  Chief Parker told the commission that the police department is studying the issue to determine any possible strategies which may be used to address the shoplifting, particularly among repeat offenders. 

Below: Chief Jason Parker presents new officers Ray, Edwards, and Sicairos to the Public Safety Commission on Tuesday morning


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Multiple Dalton Businesses Vandalized Overnight

Three arrests have been made in these cases thanks in part to tips from the public.  Our thanks to all who contacted investigators with information.

The Dalton
Police Department is investigating between 35 and 40 reports of vandalism of area
businesses that occurred overnight.  In
each case, glass windows were broken are area businesses in the area of
Thornton Avenue, Hamilton Street, Glenwood Avenue, and Walnut Avenue.  Investigators believe that marbles were used
as projectiles to break out the windows at some of the locations.

businesses affected by the vandals include the Panda Express at 1521 W. Walnut
Avenue, Al Johnson Volkswagen at 1202 N. Glenwood Avenue, Crutchfield Furniture
at 209 N. Hamilton Street, Buckin’ Burrito at 212 N. Hamilton Street, Audio
Innovations at 1781 E. Walnut Avenue, and the BB&T Bank at 2500 E. Walnut
Avenue.  In each case, the affected
businesses were not entered and nothing appeared to have been stolen.  There were no reports of injuries as a result
of the broken glass.

from the Dalton Police Department are working to compile video from the area of
affected businesses. 

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DPD Seeks Man On Rape, Molestation Charges

UPDATE (7/24/13): Womac is in custody.  He was arrested witout incident at a home off of Westside Circle in Rocky Face after investigators received multiple tips by phone from the public.  Our thanks to all who called in. An investigator from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assisted with the case.

The Dalton
Police Department is asking for information on the whereabouts of 57 year old
Lawrence Edward “Larry” Womac.  He is
wanted on warrants for rape, aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, false
imprisonment, cruelty to children in the 1st degree, sexual battery
against a child under 16 years of age, and aggravated child molestation. 

after 12:00 am on Friday, July 20th, Mr. Womac invited two juvenile
girls into his room at the Guest Inn at 2220 Chattanooga Road.  The girls were guests at the hotel staying in
a different room.  While in the room, Mr.
Womac raped one of the girls and sexually assaulted the other.  Both girls fled the room.  The incident was reported to police who
started an investigation.

Womac has
lived in the Dalton and Whitfield County area all of his life but investigators
do not have a current address for him. 
He stands approximately 5’9” tall and weighs approximately 150
pounds.  The picture below is a driver’s license photo of Womac which was taken in March 2013. 

Larry Womac

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Beware Scammers Posing As DPD Officers

On at least
two occasions in the past week, a scam artist has called Dalton residents claiming
to be a Dalton Police officer with a bench warrant for the arrest of the victim
or a victim’s family member.  On both
occasions, the scammer requested money to have the warrant dropped.

The scam
works like this: the scam artist calls the victim and identifies himself as an
officer from the Dalton Police Department and tells the victim that there is a
bench warrant out for his or her arrest. 
The caller tells the victim that if they load money onto a prepaid “Green
Dot” credit card at Wal-Mart or another retailer that the warrant will be taken
care of for their show of good faith. 
The victim is instructed to load the money onto the card and then give
the card number to the scammer. 

Under no
circumstances will a law enforcement officer ever ask a member of the public to
pay money to get out of a warrant.  If an
officer contacts anyone by phone about an outstanding warrant it will only be
to give that individual instructions for turning themselves in on that warrant.
 Dalton Police officers do not take money
from the public.  Only the courts can
handle paying fines.

If you have
been contacted by this individual or have any information about this scam,
please contact Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085 extension 165 or Sergeant
Matthew Locke at 706-278-9085 extension 320. 

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DPD Officer to Offer Safety Tips For Women On WDNN-TV

On Monday afternoon, Officer Brian Pack sat with Dalton television personality Judy Elliot to record an upcoming episode of the show "Lifestyles For Women".  In the show, Officer Pack discusses a wide range of safety topics geared towards female viewers.

Officer Pack's appearance will run on WDNN Channel 10 during the week of July 29th. The show runs Monday at 7 pm, Tuesday at 6:30 am & 10 pm, Wednesday at 7 pm, Thursday at 8 pm, Friday at 10 pm, and Sunday 7:30 pm.  The topics covered will include a wide range of safety tips for women from internet safety, protecting yourself while out in the community, and ways to make your home safer.  

Officer Pack, the Dalton Police Department's training coordinator, teaches a self-defense course for women periodically throughout the year.  The class, which uses the RAD Systems course for women's self defense, is one of the most popular public services of the DPD each year.  At this time, no upcoming sessions of the class have been scheduled, but stay tuned to the DPD Blog for updates as new classes will be announced here in the future.

Below: Officer Brian Pack tapes an episode of "Lifestyles For Women" with host Judy Elliot at WDNN-TV's studio Monday afternoon


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A Good Reminder

The Dalton Daily Citizen has published a good reminder this week about what to do when you're on the road with emergency vehicles.  Drivers need to be aware not only of Georgia's "Move Over" law which is designed to protect first responders on the roadways, but also to be aware of what to do when approached by an emergency vehicle which is on the move.

Almost every driver has been approached by a police car, fire truck, or ambulance running with lights and sirens on.  Whenever possible, drivers are required to pull to the right side and allow the emergency vehicle to pass when it's safe to do so.  If there's not a safe place to pull to the side, drivers should keep moving until there is a safe spot so they do not slow down the emergency response.

And, Georgia's "Move Over" law requires drivers to slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle which is stopped by the side of the road and move over if there is another lane available and if it is safe to do so.  If there is only one lane or if traffic prevents changing lanes, drivers should slow down well below the speed limit and take care when passing the emergency vehicle.  

Here's a link to the Daily Citizen's article:


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Happy Independence Day!

For many people in Dalton, the 4th of July weekend means a long weekend and cookouts with family and friends.  But it also means a potentially dangerous weekend on Georgia's roadways, as many drivers make the fatal decision to drive after they've been drinking.

For your safety and the safety of others, please remember to plan ahead if you're going to be drinking this weekend.  Do not drink and drive.  Officers from the Dalton Police Department are joining with other law enforcement agencies across the country to increase DUI enforcement efforts to crack down on people driving impaired as part of Operation: Zero Tolerance.  If you know you're going to be drinking, plan ahead.  Designate a driver, or program the number of a taxi cab company into your cell phone before you leave.  And remember, "buzzed" driving IS drunk driving. 

Fireworks often go hand-in-hand with 4th of July celebrations.  Some types of fireworks such as sparklers and similar non-explosive fireworks are legal in Georgia but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous.  For some safety tips regarding the use of legal fireworks in Georgia, click here.

From everyone at the Dalton Police Department, have a safe and happy holiday!

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