Citizen’s Academy Slides Into Week 5 & 6 With the Sound of Bullets

Last Tuesday night, participants in the Citizen's Police Academy got a chance at some target practice at the Whitfield County Firing Range during the 5th meeting.  Lieutenant Chris Crossen and Master Patrol Officer Chris McDonald showed the group the different types of guns used by the officers of the DPD.  The participants also learned about gun safety, and the way the different guns work.  Then, they were off to shoot some targets!

Below: Lt Crossen & MPO McDonald instruct participants at the Firing Range



This Tuesday night, the participants were back in the classroom for their 6th meeting.  This week they meet with Captain Cliff Cason, who gave them an in depth look into the Support Services Division.  This division covers the Records Department, handles the recruiting process, and also the media relations for the agency.  After the introduction, Lieutenant Chris Cooke & PFC Officer Brian Shirley went over the CALEA & state certifications of the agency.  

Next week, the participants will be getting a close up look at the Criminal Investigations Division.

Below: Lt Cooke reviewing CALEA & state certifications


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