Citizens’ Academy Meets the Investigation Unit

Tuesday night marked the 4th week of the
Citizens’ Police Academy.  This week, the
participants were introduced to the very active Criminal Investigation
Division.  The class started off with CID
Lieutenant Chip Whitfield and CID Sergeant Matthew Locke introducing CID and
its purpose within the agency. 

After the introduction to CID, participants were briefed on
the different units within CID. 
Detectives Chris Tucker and Detective Jason Bishop gave an overview of
the Safe Streets Task Force.  The
Conasauga Safe Streets Task Force was formed in 2005 to deal with violent
crimes and gangs. It is comprised of officers from the Dalton Police
Department, the Calhoun Police Department, the Whitfield County Sheriff’s
Office and the FBI. This was followed by Sergeant Barry Woods’ introduction of
the Drug Unit and the many tasks and responsibilities of this unit. 

Closing up the evening was Detective Greg Bates covering the
use of the Polygraph in the investigation process.  Detective Bates is the Polygraph Examiner for
the DPD.  

Week 5 will be quite exciting for our participants.  They will be heading to the Firing
Range.  Don’t miss out reading about this
next week!


Below:  Detective Chris Tucker talks about the Safe Streets Task Force; Detective Greg Bates sets up a polygraph machine; Participants enjoying a break; Participants listening to Sergeant Barry Woods as he introduces the Drug Unit.

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