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DPD Makes Arrest in April Armed Robbery Case

The Dalton Police Department arrested Marquis Dequan Tanner, 18, of 516 Chamblee Street in Gainesville on charges connected with an armed robbery that occurred in April.  Tanner is charged with one count each of armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of cocaine, and two charges of selling marijuana. 

The robbery incident happened on the afternoon of April 4th at an apartment at 601 Cockburn Street in Dalton.  The victim told investigators that he heard a knock at the door and answered it.  The victim told investigators that a man he knew only by the nickname “D” was at the door and pointed a gun at the victim’s head and demanded money.  The victim told investigators that he gave “D” $150 in cash and “D” fled the scene.  The victim told investigators that he knew “D” because he had bought marijuana from “D” in the past.

The detective assigned to the case started an investigation with detectives from the DPD’s Drug Unit to determine “D’s” identity.  After an investigation that lasted more than a month, detectives obtained arrest warrants on charges connected to the robbery and also separate charges for the sale of drugs.


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DPD Seeks Information in Entering Auto Cases

The Dalton Police Department is asking for information from the public to identify a suspect driving a red compact hatchback vehicle who entered several cars in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart on Shugart Road, stealing a speaker box from one of the victims.  A surveillance picture of the suspect’s vehicle is included with this release.

The incident happened shortly after 8:00 am on May 17th.  A store employee returned later in the day to find that his vehicle had been entered and his speakers were stolen.  A DPD officer worked with the store’s loss prevention to review security tapes of the parking lot and found that a male suspect drove into the parking lot around 8:00 am and pulled into several parking spots around the lot and appeared to walk around looking into cars.  He entered several vehicles, including the employee’s truck.

The stolen speakers are two 10-inch speakers mounted in a gray box with a large “Q” in between the speakers.  The inside area of the speakers is orange.  The suspect vehicle is a red compact hatchback, possibly a Honda Fit or a similar vehicle. 

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to please contact Detective Jason Bishop with the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085, extension 214.

Below: The suspect's vehicle is pictured on surveillance video.

Suspect car

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Public Safety Commission Notes

The City of Dalton's Public Safety Commission held its May 2012 meeting this morning at Dalton City Hall as both the Dalton Fire Department and Dalton Police Department presented their monthly reports for April 2012. Here are some notes from the meeting:

DFD Promotions

The Dalton Fire Department opened the May meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission by presenting two candidates for promotion.  Lieutenants Steve Hollingsworth and Brandon Bray both had their promotions to the rank of captain confirmed by unanimous vote of the commission.

Captain Hollingsworth has served with the Dalton Fire Department since April 1987.  Hollingsworth served as a lieutenant on “A Shift” since 2001, and as that shift’s acting captain since April 2011.  Captain Hollingsworth has left a mark on the department in other ways, including being cited by Chief Bruce Satterfield for playing an instrumental role in the opening of DFD’s stations #3, #4, and #5 over the years.  Captain Hollingsworth is a certified Smoke Diver and holds many other instructor and training certifications.  His promotion fills a vacancy left by the promotion of Battalion Chief Todd Pangle.

Captain Bray has served with the fire department since March 1996.  He’s been a lieutenant with “C Shift” since July 2005 and has been that shift’s acting captain for the last two months since the promotion of Battalion Chief Chris Cantrell.  Captain Bray is a member of the Georgia Search and Rescue (GSAR) team and also holds an array of other leadership, supervision, rescue, and firefighting qualifications in his training profile.  He is also a Georgia Smoke Diver.

DPD State Certification Renewed

The Dalton Police Department’s State Certification was officially renewed on Monday night with a presentation at the meeting of the Mayor and Council.  The state certification is awarded by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP). 

The GACP is comprised of more than 1,000 executive officers from law enforcement agencies across the state.  The association promotes cooperative relationships between Georgia's police agencies, and evaluates the professional standards of agencies to offer training and education for administrators.  The Dalton Police Department was among the first law enforcement agencies in Georgia to be certified by the GACP in 1999, and the department recently completed its re-certification process.  Certification is an exhaustive process in which agencies first complete a comprehensive self-analysis of department policy and procedures, and then have assessors from across the state perform another study of the department's standards and practices.  Departments are re-certified every three years. This was Dalton's third re-certification (originally departments were re-certified every five years).  Out of more than 700 law enforcement agencies in Georgia, there are currently only approximately 100 enforcement agencies certified by the GACP.  The DPD is currently seeking an international accreditation by the Commission on Accredtation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

GACP Executive Director Frank Rotondo presented a plaque to the DPD at Monday night’s meeting in honor of the agency’s re-certification, and the achievement was noted at Tuesday’s meeting of the Public Safety Commission.

DPD Report

DPD Chief Jason Parker continued Tuesday morning’s meeting with an analysis of crime statistics for the month of April.  Part I crimes (homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson) continued a recent upward trend, with the reported rate up 3.8% year to date compared to 2011.  Chief Parker noted that the total reported rate of all crimes in April (Parts I and II) went up 17.1% compared to April 2011.

Chief Parker noted that violent crime is a continued area of concern, with the city’s first homicide since 2009 (and first gun-related homicide since 2007) occurring April 29th when Emilio Christopher Canales killed his father and brother and wounded his mother in a domestic incident.  Canales was arrested later in the day. 

Chief Parker continued the discussion of violent crime by reporting that there were only four reported robbery incidents in April, and arrests have been made in three of those incidents.  That echoes positive trends in the overall clearance rates and arrest rates for both violent crimes and property crimes, with all indicators either holding steady or higher than last year.  Year to date, the violent crime clearance rate is 63%, a 2% increase over 2011.  The property crime clearance rate is 47%, an increase of 6%.  There have been 19 arrests for violent crimes in 2012, identical to the year to date numbers in 2011.  There have been 170 property crime arrests, 17 more than last year.

Chief Parker noted a 23% decrease in traffic crashes in April from the 125 crashes in March, but April’s 96 crashes were still a 13% increase over April 2011.  Walnut Avenue, Chattanooga Road and Shugart Road continued to be the biggest trouble areas, accounting for 33% of all crashes.  15% of all crashes in Dalton included a distracted driver.  There were 22 crashes with injuries reported.

The Dalton Public Safety Commission is comprised of Chairman William B. Weaver, Carlos Calderin, Terry Mathis, Keith Whitworth, and Kenneth E. Willis.

Below: Chief Jason Parker and Lt. Chris Cooke pose with GACP Executive Director Frank Rotondo after the presentation of the DPD’s State Certification on Monday night; Chief Bruce Satterfield, Captain Brandon Bray, Captain Steve Hollingsworth, and Deputy Chief Gary Baggett pose after the confirmation of promotions for Bray and Hollingsworth

011 012

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Buckle Up, Or Meet a Police Officer. Click It Or Ticket Is Underway!

If you're not wearing your seat belt in Dalton … or anywhere else in Georgia … your chances of getting a ticket just increased.  The "Click It Or Ticket" campaign is once again underway in Georgia, running from May 21st until June 3rd to coincide with the busy Memorial Day travel weekend.  The national mobilization of law enforcement officers targets seat belt use by motorists with both enforcement and education.  

There's a good reason why law enforcement agencies are so concerned with seat belt use.  Statitstics show that wearing your seat belt will save your life.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 12,546 passengers' lives were saved nationwide in 2010 just because they buckled up.  Unfortunately, not everyone is getting the message.  Data from the NHTSA also shows that 51% of all passengers involved in crashes lost their life because they were not buckled up.  Your chances of making it out of a car alive without the use of a seat belt get even worse once day turns to night.  NHSTA reasearch shows 61% of passengers killed during the hours of 6PM and 6AM were not wearing their seatbelt compared to 42% during the day.

A recent survey completed during daylight hours by the Dalton Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit showed that the percentage of seatbelt use in the city of Dalton was at 85%.  This is well below the state average of 90%.  The TEU conducted a nighttime study in October 2011 showing that only 80% of motorists in Dalton were wearing seat belts.

As part of our effort to reduce the number of serious injuries from traffic crashes, the Dalton Police Department will join law enforcement agencies across the country in the "Click It Or Ticket" mobilization. The DPD's Traffic Enforcement Unit and Patrol Division will be conducting special operations to enforce Georgia’s occupant safety laws both day and night during the mobilization.  Officers will be using road checks and concentrated patrols as tools to spot motorists violating seatbelt and child restraint laws in an effort to limit the number of serious injury or fatality car crashes. 

Remember: any front seat driver or passenger of any passenger vehicle including pickup trucks in operation on Georgia's public roadways must wear a seatbelt. Further, any passenger of a vehicle under 18 years of age must wear a seatbelt no matter where they are seated in the vehicle.  All children under the age of 8 years of age must be placed in an approved Child Safety Restraint.  Motorists should also be aware that not wearing a seatbelt correctly with the shoulder belt across the chest will not give the passenger any protection if the vehicle that they are an occupant of is involved in a crash.  That was your warning.  Officers won't be giving any during traffic stops.

As always, the Dalton Police Department urges all drivers to slow down, buckle up, and drive sober not just during "Click It Or Ticket", but ALWAYS.

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DFD Responds to Explosion at MFG Chemical

UPDATE (5/21/11 4:45 PM): The DFD is off scene at MFG.  Hamilton Medical Center reported that a total of 47 people were decontaminated at the hospital, and all of those individuals have been released.  All roads around the facility are now open.

The Dalton Fire Department is on scene at MFG Chemical on Callahan Road responding to a chemical explosion call. The call was reported at 8:50 am.

There are no reports of serious injuries at this time. 27 people who were in the surrounding area were transported to Hamilton Medical Center for decontamination. Others were decontaminated on site.

At this time there is no evacuation or danger to the public in the area. Residents within a half mile of the site were initially advised to stay in their homes, but that advisory has since been lifted.

The accident apparently occurred while manufacturing a compound used in water treatment. The compound can cause skin irritation or respiratory irritation.

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DPD, WCSO Run the Torch

Officers and deputies from the Dalton Police Department and Whitfield County Sheriff's Office participate in fundraising throughout the year for Special Olympics Georgia, and this morning personnel from both agencies participated in the symbolic culmination of that effort: the 2012 Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Runners carried the torch from the old city court building on Waugh Street down Thornton Avenue to Bry-Man's Plaza, and then moved to Highway 41 where they ran through a pep rally at Valley Point Elementary School.  From there, the runners continued on to the Gordon County line.  The run covered approximately nine miles.

Below: Images from this morning's Torch Run.  To see more pictures from this morning's run, click here to see a gallery on the DPD's Facebook page.

004 009 024

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Traffic Unit and Chick-fil-A Team Up to Keep Prom Weekend Safe

Dalton High School's prom was held over the weekend, and Catamount students got a reminder about staying safe on the roadways from the Dalton Police Department beforehand. Officers from the DPD Traffic Unit were posted at the exits to Dalton High on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to remind drivers to stay focused on the road, avoid drinking and driving, and to wear their safety belts not just on the way to and from prom, but every day.  

Every year teen drivers account for nearly 5,000 traffic deaths, making traffic crashes the leading cause of death for the age group between 16 and 20.  That number surpasses homicide, suicide and cancer combined.  Statistics show that almost 70% of teenagers killed in car crashes were not wearing their safety belt and distracted driving accounted for another 16% of traffic crash deaths. 

On Wednesday, Dalton Police Department partnered with Dalton's Chick-fil-A restaurants and Dalton High School to reward teen drivers that were wearing their safety belt as they left school with a coupon to items at the local Chic-fil-a store on West Walnut Ave.  On Thursday, officers from the traffic enforcement unit passed out “Don’t Text and Drive” thumb bands to remind teen drivers of the dangers of texting and driving. 

Below: (left to right) Officer Woody Cantrell from the DPD Traffic Unit hands a Dalton High student a "Don't TXT and Drive" thumb band reminder; The "Don't TXT and Drive" thumb band; A Chick-fil-A gift card provided to students wearing their seat belts; Sue DiDonato form Chick-fil-A poses with Officer Cantrell at Dalton High

DSC02907 DSC02891 DSC02878 DSC02876

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Want to Join the Dalton Police Department?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join one of Georgia’s leading law enforcement agencies?  If so, the Dalton Police Department is looking for you.  The DPD is currently accepting applications for new officers.

To qualify as an applicant, candidates must meet the standards set by the Georgia Peace Officer Training Standards Council (POST), be at least 21 years old, be a citizen of the United States, and have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent, with at least some college education preferred.  Candidates must possess good people skills, a professional work ethic, and be able to work as a team player.  Candidates must be able to to work a flexible schedule, including night shift and weekends.  Candidates must have the ability to perform the essential functions of the job.  Candidates must be United States citizens.  Successful candidates will be responsible for the enforcement of city ordinances and state laws in a fair and impartial manner.  Starting pay for new officers is approximately $14.99 per hour.  Further pay adjustments are made during the first year of service as training and probation requirements are met.  Additional education incentives are available for recruits with Baccalaureate Degrees.

Applications can be obtained at the Human Resources Office in City Hall, 300 West Waugh Street, Dalton, GA 30721.  A City of Dalton application must be filled out and received by the job closing date of June 15, 2012 at 5:00 pm E.S.T. 

To download an application and for more information on the selection process and the duties of a Dalton police officer, click here to visit the "How to Join the Dalton Police Department" page.  The link can also be found in the "Important Pages" menu on the left hand side of this page.  The City of Dalton is an equal opportunity employer.


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DPD to Host Women’s Self Defense Class in June

The Dalton Police Department will host another session of the popular RAD Systems Women's Self Defense Class in June.  Previous sessions of the class, which is taught by Dalton Police Training Officer Brian Pack, have been well-received by women who have participated.

The course will take place over four nights in June (June 4, 6, 11, and 13) from 6 pm until 9 pm.  The June 4th class will meet at the Dalton Police Services Center, and the others will be held at the new Mack Gaston Community Center on Fredrick Street.  The course is being offered free of charge.  The class is limited to 20 participants, and the course is designed for women ages 13 and up.  However, women younger than age 18 may participate, but must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver to enroll. 

The program is for women only – wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends – and all who successfully complete the course will have a lifetime return policy allowing them to participate in any R.A.D System program to refresh their skills at any time.  The 12-hour course educates women on safety strategies to minimize their chances of becoming a victim, and physical tactics aimed at disabling an attacker long enough to escape.  Officer Pack, certified in the R.A.D System of Self Defense, will wear a padded “Red Man” suit for some of the exercises which allow the women to practice defensive maneuvers they have learned in the class without the fear of injuring the instructor.

“Our ultimate goal is to promote safety and build confidence,” said Officer Pack. “Our hope is that no one will ever have to use the skills they’ll learn in this class, but we want them to feel safe wherever they go. We’re not teaching people how to fight, but to have some skills they can use to create enough of a diversion to create distance and get away if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation."

You can apply to participate in the class online by clicking here.  Please apply for the class only if you can attend all sessions of the class.

Anyone with any questions about the course can contact Officer Pack at 706-278-9085, extension 138 or by email at

To read an article from the Dalton Daily Citizen about a previous session of the class, click here.

To watch a video from a previous session of the class, click "Play" in the window below:

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Women’s Self Defense Class Application Form

Street Address:
City, State, Zip
Telephone Number
Email Address
Are you over 18? Yes
If under 18 parent/guardian’s name:
If under 18 parent / guardian’s telephone number (if applicable)
If under 18, will your parent / guardian be attending the course with you?
Why are you interested in attending?
How did you hear about this course?

Click here to put a form like this on your site.

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