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DPD Arrests Man on Child Molestation Charges

This morning, the Dalton Police Department arrested Troy Lamar Keeler, 34, of 615 Peachtree Street on charges of child molestation and indecent exposure stemming from an incident earlier this month.  The arrest came in part as a result of investigation and teamwork with probation officers from the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The incident happened on September 20th when three teenage girls walking along Underwood Street near Frederick Street reported that a man pulled up next to them in a Green Oldsmobile Intrigue and exposed his genitals and began masturbating.  The victims were able to get a partial license plate on the car as he left and called 911. 

Each week, the officers assigned as district commanders for the city’s three police districts hold a meeting with DPD supervisors and investigators along with investigators from other agencies, including probation officers from the Department of Corrections.  This case was discussed at one of the district meetings.  Later, probation officers following up with Troy Keeler on a probation visit found a vehicle matching the description and partial tag number at his residence.  Keeler matched the description of the suspect.  GPS data retrieved from his monitoring ankle bracelet confirmed that he was in the area of the incident at the time of the 911 call.  Investigators obtained warrants for his arrest, and they were served this morning.  He is charged with three counts each of child molestation and indecent exposure.

Keeler is a registered sex offender and has two previous convictions for enticing a child for indecent purposes and child molestation from a case in 1998.  He was most recently released from prison on August 26, 2011. A picture of Keeler is included with this release.

Anyone who may have experienced a similar incident with this suspect is asked to please contact Detective Greg Bates at 706-278-9085, extension 137. 

Below: Troy Lamar Keeler


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New Officer Confirmed at Public Safety Commission Meeting

The Dalton Police Department added another new officer this morning as Matthew Dykes had his hiring confirmed by a unanimous vote of the Dalton Public Safety Commission.  Dykes graduated last Friday from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center's Regional Police Academy in Dalton.

Officer Dykes is a lifelong resident of northwest Georgia.  His family moved from Gainesville to Murray County a month after he was born, and he has lived there ever since.  Dykes graduated from Murray County High School in 2003, and later earned an associate's degree in business from Dalton State College in 2009.  He is married to his wife Allison Dykes, and is a member of First Baptist Church in Chatsworth.

Officer Dykes received two special recognitions after graduating from the GPSTC Regional Academy last week.  He was honored with the Physical Readiness Award as the most physically fit member of his graduating class, and also the HIRC Award.  HIRC stands for Honor, Integrity, Respect, and Courage, and is the academy's motto.  The HIRC Award is voted on by the members of the graduating class and is given to the class member who best reflects those values.

The next step for Officer Dykes is the Dalton Police Department's Field Training Program.  He will undergo more training at the Police Services Center, and then hit the road riding with Field Training Officers.

Below: Officer Matthew Dykes stands before the Public Safety Commission Tuesday morning, and then poses after his confirmation with Chief Jason Parker (click images to enlarge)


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DPD Finishes 3rd in Annual Governor’s Challenge

The Dalton Police Department is being honored as the 3rd place finisher in the annual Governor’s Challenge, an annual competition designed by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to recognize and reward outstanding achievements in highway safety enforcement and education.  The DPD finished behind the 1st place Gainesville Police Department and 2nd place Tift County Sheriff’s Office.

Each year, participants in the Governor’s Challenge are judged for enforcement programs, educational initiatives, and public information efforts in three categories: occupant safety, speed enforcement, and DUI detection and prevention. 

Each participating agency compiles an application for the challenge, with a summary of all enforcement, education, and public information efforts for the year.  The applications are forwarded to a panel of judges from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for scoring.  The results of the competition were announced on Friday.  This is the eleventh year that the Dalton Police Department has participated in the GOHS Governor’s Challenge, and the department’s tenth Top 3 finish.  The department has finished second in the competition eight times.


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The Importance of Child Restraint Systems

Statistics show that children who are passengers in vehicles involved in crashes are three times more likely to be injured when they are not properly restrained than those who are properly restrained.  That is one reason that Dalton Police Department is committed to making sure all children are properly restrained while traveling on our roadways.

Parents and guardians should also know the following about child restraint systems (CRS):

  • It is highly recommended that a CRS be replaced if it is five years old.  The strength of materials used in the production of a CRS can breakdown after repeated exposure to sunlight and temperature change while in cars. 
  • Purchasing used car seats from garage sales, thrift stores and flee markets is nota safe practice.  It is important to know the history of the CRS.
  • Any CRS that has been through a car crash should be replaced.  This is true for all crashes, but most urgently for car crashes that involved extensive vehicle damage or speeds of 30 mph or greater. 
  • The law in Georgia now requires all children under the age of 8 years to be properly restrained by an approved CRS.
  • Children should always be properly restrained when they are a passenger in a vehicle, even if only traveling to the local neighborhood convenience store.  Most car crashes occur 25 miles or less from home.

The Dalton Police Department is committed to the safety of children, not only through enforcement of Georgia’s child restraint laws, but also through education in the proper use and installation of child restraint systems.  The department currently has seven officers that are certified CRS Technicians through SafeKids Dalton who can inspect a CRS for proper installation and use.   

Any organization that would like to host a child car seat education event can contact Dalton Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit.  Parents or guardians who would like to have a child car seat checked for proper installation can also come by the Dalton Police Department Services Center Located at 301 Jones Street for an inspection.  Or, the department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit can be reached at 706-278-9085, ext 124 to answer any questions about child car seats.

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DPD Seeks DUI, Officer Assault Suspect

UPDATE (9/20/11): Delvin Dwayne Williams was arrested at approximately 3:00 am this morning.  He was found at a friend's house by officers following up a lead, and was taken into custody.

The Dalton Police Department is seeking the public’s help with finding a man who dragged and injured a DPD officer while resisting arrest for DUI in the early hours of Saturday morning.  Officer Steven Collins’ injuries are not life threatening.

The incident happened at approximately 2:15 am on Saturday morning after a Officer Collins pulled over Delvin Dwayne Williams, 31, after observing Williams nearly cause a collision on Chattanooga Road.  Williams pulled his gold colored Lincoln Continental into the parking lot of the RaceTrac service station at Shugart Road and Highway 41.  Officer Collins performed several sobriety tests on Williams, including a test of his breath using the alco-sensor.  After several attempts to perform the test, Williams’ breath registered at .23 grams, well above the legal limit.  When Officer Collins attempted to take Williams into custody, he resisted, breaking free and getting into his car.  Officer Collins chased Williams and went halfway into the driver’s side door to try to pull Williams back out of the car.  Williams managed to start the car and began to accelerate sharply, dragging the officer from the door, throwing him from the car as he headed towards the highway. 

Officers went to Williams’ apartment at 409 East Hawthorne Street and found the gold Lincoln Continental parked, but Williams was not at the residence.  Investigators have not been able to locate him and are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to please contact the police department.  Williams is an African-American male, 31 years old, standing 5’10 and weighing approximately 165 pounds.  A picture of Williams is included below.  The Dalton Police Department has warrants for his arrest on charges of DUI Less Safe, Reckless Driving, Failure to Yield When Entering Roadway, Simple Battery Against Law Enforcement Officer, Aggravated Battery Against Law Enforcement Officer, and Felony Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Delvin Williams is asked to contact Detective Jason Bishop at the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085, ex 214.

Below: Delvin Dwayne Williams (click image to see a larger version)

Williams Suspect

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DPD, Other Agencies Searching For Missing Man

UPDATE (11:20 am, 9/16/11): Officers investigating the missing persons case on scene at Autumn Ridge Apartments have recovered a body in the woods near the apartment complex.  The body has not been identified, and will be taken to the GBI Crime Lab in Decatur, GA for identification and autopsy.

Officers and investigators from the Dalton Police Department and other agencies are performing a search of woods and land near Autumn Ridge apartments on Autumn Court searching for the body of Ricky Long, who has not been seen since April of 2010.  Long was reported missing after reportedly having suicidal thoughts in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Investigators performed several searches of the area in the days and weeks following Long’s disappearance.  Today’s search was organized after the year-long investigation led DPD investigators to believe that another search of the area was needed in an effort to locate clues to the whereabouts of Mr. Long or Mr. Long’s body.  Officers and investigators from the Dalton Police Department, Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, Pardons and Paroles, Gordon County Sheriff’s Officer, the Dalton Fire Department and the GBI are assisting with the grid search of the area.

Long was living at 600 Autumn Court, Apartment #600 at the time of his disappearance.  His roommate reported that he had made several suicidal statements in the days leading up to the day of his disappearance, April 22, 2010.  On that day, he reportedly left the apartment on foot and has not been seen since.

Long was 47 at the time of his disappearance, standing 5’9” tall and weighing 155 pounds.  When he was last seen, he was wearing tan jeans, a black nylon jacket, tennis shoes, and a Dale Earnhardt #3 baseball hat. A $500 reward for information leading to Long’s recovery is being offered.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Chip Whitfield at 706-278-9085, extension 107.

Below: Missing man Ricky Long is pictured (click image for a larger version)

Ricky Long

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DPD to Offer Women’s Self Defense Class in October

UPDATE: This class is now full and registration has closed. Keep checking back for updates about future classes.

The Dalton Police Department will host another session of the popular RAD Systems Women's Self Defense Class in October.  Previous sessions of this class, taught by Dalton Police Training Officer Brian Pack, have been well-received by the women taking the course both at the Dalton Police Services Center and also Dalton State College. 

The next session of the 12-hour course will be held in three-hour segments on Monday and Wednesday evenings, October 3rd, 5th, 17th, and 19th from 6 pm until 9 pm.  Classes will meet at the Dalton Police Services Center at 301 Jones Street. The course is being offered free of charge.  The class is limited to 20 participants, and the course is designed for women ages 13 and up.  However, any women younger than age 18 may participate, but must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver to enroll. 

The program is for women only – wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends – and all who successfully complete the course will have a lifetime return policy allowing them to participate in any R.A.D System program to refresh their skills at any time.  The 12-hour course educates women on safety strategies to minimize their chances of becoming a victim, and physical tactics aimed at disabling an attacker long enough to escape.  Officer Pack, certified in the R.A.D System of Self Defense, will wear a padded “Red Man” suit for some of the exercises which allow the women to practice defensive maneuvers they have learned in the class without the fear of injuring the instructor.

“Our ultimate goal is to promote safety and build confidence,” said Officer Pack. “Our hope is that no one will ever have to use the skills they’ll learn in this class, but we want them to feel safe wherever they go. We’re not teaching people how to fight, but to have some skills they can use to create enough of a diversion to create distance and get away if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation."

Anyone with any questions about the course can contact Officer Pack at 706-278-9085, extension 138 or by email at

To read an article from the Dalton Daily Citizen about a previous session of the class, click here.

To watch a video about the class, click "Play" in the window below.

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Honor Guard Appears at Softball Players’ Association Tournament

The Dalton Police Department helped roll out the welcome wagon for the 2011 Softball Players' Association National Championship at Heritage Park on Thursday night.  The tournament, which drew teams from across the US and even a Canadian team to Dalton, opened with an hour-long ceremony at the park, and the DPD's Honor Guard presented the colors for the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem.

The Dalton Fire Department also participated Thursday, raising a large American flag over the entry road to the park from one of the department's ladder trucks.

The Softball Players' Association is doing more than just bringing in a few hundred tourists to the City of Dalton.  They also presented a $1,000 check to the City of Dalton Public Safety Scholarship Fund at Dalton State College.  DPD Assistant Chief Truman Whitfield and DFD Chief Bruce Satterfield were on hand to accept the check.  Each year, the scholarship fund benefits the child of a Dalton Police Officer and a Dalton Firefighter attending Dalton State College. (click here to view all articles about the scholarship endowment)

Click "Play" in the window below to watch video of the Honor Guard's appearance at the opening ceremony (video may take a few moments to load)

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DPD Re-Launches Crime Mapping Website

The Dalton Police Department has re-launched the department’s crime mapping site at after partnering with a new company to manage the site.  The new service is being provided to the department at no charge to the department or the city.

BAIR Analytics, Inc. will provide the new crime mapping site called RAIDS Online(Regional Analysis & Information Data Sharing).  The site will make it easier for citizens of Dalton to track crime in their neighborhoods.  RAIDS Online maps and analyzes crime data, allowing the Dalton Police Department to give citizens information about crimes as they occur.  The site is designed to allow users to move easily between the map, data grid, and different analytic tools on the sidebar to learn about crime trends in their area. 

To use the site, start at the homepage at  Enter an address in the field at the left hand side of the screen, or select Dalton, GA from the city menu.  You can select a buffer zone of a certain distance from the address you select.  After mapping the location, you can select from a list of different types of crime reports to display.  Users can click on each incident point to get an incident number and other information about the report.  The search can be refined by using the date range tool.  The map can also show a density map, showing where crime hot spots are located throughout the city.  Tabs across the top of the screen allow users to view a chart of the displayed incidents, as well as other analytic tools.

The RAIDS Online system is synced with the DPD’s records management system, and crime information on the site is updated regularly as reports are entered.  The site uses Google Maps to display the location and basic information for crimes in any area of interest to the user. RAIDS Online’s vibrant colored maps, icons and symbols work together to deliver easy-to-read crime information at all zoom levels, from a national level down to the citizen’s neighborhood. Users can sign up at the site to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports about crimes in their area by email.

The crime mapping site is just one part of the Dalton Police Department’s online presence.  The department’s blog site, provides regular updates to the public about department investigations and activities, as well as arrest data and other information.  Citizens can make anonymous crime reports at the site as well.  The department also has a Twitter feed at

For more than 20 years, BAIR Analytics Inc. has provided cutting-edge analytical software, consulting and training solutions for law enforcement, public safety, national defense and academic institutions worldwide.  For more information, visit

Below: Screen shots of the new crime-mapping website.  Try the site yourself by clicking here.

DPD Site 1DPD Site 2DPD Site 3

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Road Checks Planned

The Dalton Police Department plans to conduct occasional road checks during the next week (September 7-September 14) at various locations throughout the city. 

The purpose of the road checks will be to address traffic safety issues on city streets and highways, including DUI detection and occupant restraints (safety belts and child safety seats). 

The Dalton Police Department reminds drivers that to keep Dalton’s streets safe, buckle up, slow down, and drive sober.

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