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DPD Arrests Fake Badge Bandit

The Dalton Police Department has arrested a man impersonating a law enforcement officer in order to rob several Dalton businesses.  On Monday morning, Dalton Police officers arrested Kenneth Chad Burnum of Cleveland, Tennessee and charged him in connection with Thursday’s robbery at Pasteleria el Camino Bakery at 214 East Morris Street and also two attempted robberies today at Bryman’s Plaza North.

At approximately 10:30 AM, Mr. Burnum entered the El Agave store at Bryman’s Plaza North and told the store owner he was investigating the sale of stolen pieces of jewelry at the restaurant and asked to see the store’s cash drawer to see marked bills.  When store owners became suspicious, they called 911 to confirm his identity and he left the store.  From there, he went to the el Mundo Natural/Centro Nutristo store in the plaza where he also stated he was investigating the sale of stolen jewelry and asked to see the cash drawer, apparently identifying himself as an agent of the FBI to the store owner.  When an officer from the Dalton Police Department arrived, he spotted Mr. Burnum in the store and attempted to arrest Mr. Burnum.  He tried to run into the parking lot, but surrendered after meeting more Dalton Police officers. 

Mr. Burnum had in his possession a fake law enforcement-style badge at the time of his arrest which read “Bail Enforcement Agent”.  He is being charged with one count of robbery by intimidation, and two counts of attempted robbery by intimidation, and three counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

This case is still under investigation and more charges are possible.

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DPD Seeks Police Impersonator in Theft Case

UPDATE: An arrest has been made in this case. 

The Dalton Police Department is investigating a Thursday morning theft case involving a man who wore a badge and impersonated a law enforcement officer to steal between 500 and 600 dollars from a local business. 

At approximately 10:00 am, a white male entered the Pasteleria el Camino Bakery at 214 East Morris Street wearing a badge around his neck, but he apparently did not identify himself as a police officer.  The man presented a ring that he said was purchased at the business the previous day which was stolen property and asked to see the business’ cash register.  When the business owner told him that the business was a bakery and did not sell rings, the suspect backtracked and asked to see receipts and the bills inside the cash register.  When the business owner complied, the suspect said that he needed to examine one of the $100 bills and talk to someone on his car radio.  He went outside and did not return.  The business owner saw the suspect leave in a dark, four-door sedan.  After checking the register, the business owner found that between 500 and 600 dollars was missing, including the $100 bill taken by the suspect.

The suspect was described as a white male, possibly in his early 30’s, clean shaven with a thin build.  He had close-cropped, light-colored hair and wore a light brown baseball cap.  He also wore jeans, a light blue long-sleeved dress shirt with a star-shaped badge around his neck on a necklace.  A composite sketch of the suspect is included below.

If you have any information on this incident, or know of a similar crime being committed elsewhere, please contact Detective John Helton with the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085, extension 143. 

We are including a picture of a Dalton Police Officer’s badge and a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Deputy’s badge below to help citizens spot a potentially fake badge.  Also, if you have any doubts that you’re dealing with a legitimate law enforcement officer, you can ask to see the officer’s department identification in addition to a badge, or contact the 911 center to confirm an officer’s identity.

Below: A sketch of the suspect, a Dalton Police Sergeant's Badge (badges will display an officer's rank across the top, either "Officer", "Sergeant", "Lieutenant", "Captain", or "Chief") and a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office Deputy's badge (click images for a larger version).

SketchSergeant BadgeS.O. BADGE

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DPD Seeks Four People on Probation Warrants

The Dalton Police Department lists active city warrants on the Dalton Police Blog website throughout the year which can be accessed by clicking the "Active City Warrants" link on the lefthand side of this page.

Currently, investigators with the Dalton Police Department are also currently seeking four individuals in particular who have warrants for parole violations.  These individuals are Kevin Dewayne Pangle, Mustafa Shropshire, Renardo Denelle Love, and Ricky Wendell Holloway.  If you have any information about the whereabouts of any of these four individuals, please contact the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085.

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Happy Trails, Ken!

Today was the last day on the job for veteran Dalton Police Officer Ken Brooks.  After 29 years of service, Brooks walked into retirement after a gathering of friends and fellow officers in the Criminal Investigations Division. 

Born in Athens, Tennessee, Officer Brooks has lived in Dalton for most of his life.  A 1977 graduate of Valley Point High School, Brooks joined the Dalton Police Department in February of 1981.  He served for four years as a patrol officer, and then 21 years as a detective in Criminal Investigations, gaining a reputation as an outstanding investigator.  He then served 5 years as a recruiter for the department.  Brooks also served as the department's polygraph examiner for many years. 

Congratulations on your retirement, Ken, and beware of dogs!

Below: Officers and friends gathered for a retirement celebration for Officer Ken Brooks


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DPD Promotes Six Officers

The Dalton Public Safety Commission approved the promotions of six Dalton Police Department officers on Tuesday morning. 

Chris Cooke, Chris Crossen and Mike Wilson were all promoted from the rank of sergeant to lieutenant, and each will serve as a shift commander in the Patrol Division.  Lt. Cooke was most recently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as a supervisor.  Lt. Crossen was also most recently assigned to CID as the operations sergeant.  Lt. Wilson was most recently assigned as a shift supervisor in the Patrol Division.

Matthew Locke, Alan Woods and Barry Woods were each promoted to the rank of sergeant.  Sergeant Locke and Sergeant Alan Woods both served as detectives in CID and will now be assigned as shift supervisors in the Patrol Division.  Sergeant Barry Woods also served most recently as a detective in CID, and will now serve as a supervisor in the division.

Below: [first picture] Lieutenants Chris Cooke (left) and Chris Crossen (right) pose with Chief Parker after having their promotions approved at the Public Safety Commission meeting. [second picture] New Sergeants Barry Woods, Alan Woods and Matthew Locke pose with the Chief after having their promotions approved (click images for a larger version)


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Operation Zero Tolerance Starts Friday

If you drink and drive in Georgia, you're going to jail.  That fact of life will be even more evident starting on Friday, June 18th, with the beginning of Operation Zero Tolerance.  It's a nationwide mobilization of law enforcement agencies to crack down on drivers who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and the Dalton Police Department is participating. Operation Zero Tolerance will be in effect through the July 4th holiday weekend, which is the second deadliest holiday of the year on Georgia highways.

The Dalton Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit and Patrol Division will be concentrating their efforts towards fighting drunk driving during the campaign.  Concentrated patrols and random road checks will be conducted throughout the city at strategic locations in an effort to crackdown on motorists driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

According to statistics, one out of every three traffic-related fatalities in Georgia are now alcohol-related.  Statistics also show that drivers with blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams or higher are eleven times more likely to die in a crash than if involved in that same crash while they were sober.

The Dalton Police Department reminds motorists that drunk driving is not the only killer on our roadways, speeding and failure to buckle up also kill. Motorists should be aware that a new law for seatbelt use in pickup trucks is now in full effect in Georgia, and any passenger of a pickup truck must wear their seatbelt when that truck is being operated in Georgia.  Motorists also need to know about the new law dealing with cell phones that takes effect July 1st.  Any driver under the age of 18 is banned from talking or texting while operating a motor vehicle, and all drivers are banned from texting while operating a motor vehicle on the roadways of Georgia.

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DPD Investigates Church Burglaries

The Dalton Police Department is investigating a series of church burglaries that have been occurring in Dalton since May 21st.  In that time span, eight church burglaries have been reported, each with similar characteristics.  Investigators believe that these crimes may be related, and they’re asking for the public’s help in finding the burglar or burglars. 

The eight churches that have been burglarized are Iglesia de Dios at 907 Cascade Drive (between May 19th-21st), Church of God of Prophecy at 603 Underwood Street (between May 24th and May 26th) Liberty Baptist at 504 S. Pentz Street (May 26th), Grace Church of the Nazarene at 1111 Nelson Street (June 13th or 14th), Trinity Fellowship at 419 Sheridan Avenue (June 13th or 14th), and the Iglesia Pentecostal at 419 11th Avenue (June 14th or 15th), Crown View Church at 502 W. Tyler Street and the First Evangelistic Church of Dalton at 310 Robinwood Circle.

The eight churches are all smaller to medium-sized buildings, and in each case the method of entry was similar, with entry gained by breaking out a window or glass on a door.  In each case, the buildings were ransacked, with cash and small items such as tools taken.  In one case, a small combination TV/VCR was taken.

These incidents remain under investigation.  If you have any information about these crimes, please contact Detective Brandon Carter at 706-278-9085, extension 250. 

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2016 Citizens’ Police Academy Application

Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Your Birthdate:
Are you a U.S. Citizen?
Your Driver's License Number and State:
Your Race (optional):
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Your Employer:
Your Occupation:
Your Employer's Address and Phone Number:
Organizations or Club Memberships:
How did you hear about the Citizens Academy?
Why are you interested in attending?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, please give details.

Put a website form like this on your site.

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No More Texting While Driving in Georgia

Starting July 1, 2010, it will be against Georgia law to text or surf the internet while driving, and if you're under the age of 18, it will be illegal to use a cell phone for any purpose while driving.  The new law goes into effect on July 1st, and Georgia lawmakers believe it will save lives and reduce the number of serious crashes that occur when drivers are distracted by talking, texting, e-mailing, or browsing the web. Studies have shown that cell phone use while driving can be more dangerous then driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Under the new law, any driver who has an instruction permit (Class CP), or a Class D license and is under the age of 18 shall not operate a motor vehicle on the roadways of the state while using a wireless telecommunication device. This would include talking, sending or reading text messages, sending or reading E-mails, or receiving Internet-data.

If a driver is 18 years of age or older they are prohibited in using a wireless telecommunication device to send or read text messages, send or read e-mail, or receive Internet-data.

Anyone convicted for violating this law could be punished by a fine of $150.00 and 1 point being assessed to that driver’s driving history. And, if the driver of vehicle is involved in crash when in violation of this law the fine would be doubled.

Please help the Dalton Police Department in stopping serious injury crashes by buckling up, obeying all posted speed limits, never drinking and driving and refraining from using your cell phone while driving!

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Buckle Up in Trucks, It’s the Law.

If you drive a pickup truck, it's time to start buckling up. Georgia law now requires all passengers riding in pickup trucks to wear their safety belt when the truck's in operation on Georgia's roadways.

The new law went into effect on June 3rd, immediately after Governor Sonny Perdue signed Senate Bill 458 in Dalton.  Officials estimate that the new law will save 21 lives and prevent 30 serious injuries across the state each year.  Supporters of the new law also estimate $30 million will be saved in hospital costs each year. 

The Dalton Police Department takes an active roll in enforcing Georgia’s vehicle occupant safety laws, and will continue that active role when in comes to occupants riding in pickup trucks in an attempt to prevent serious injuries related to vehicle crashes.  

The Dalton Police Department conducted a recent survey of seat belt use within the city and found only 73% of pickup truck passengers were wearing their seat belt, well below the percentage of occupants riding in passenger cars.  In a survey conducted for passenger cars in April, the department found that 86% of the occupants riding in passengers cars were wearing their seat belt.  A recent survey at the end of the May/June "Click It Or Ticket" mobilization, found that the usage rate for seat belts in Dalton had risen to 92%.  This is the highest usage rate in Dalton since November 2008, when it stood at 88%.  The Dalton Police Department believes that the increase in seat belt use is directly related to public education about the importance of seat belt use and the enforcement of Georgia’s occupant safety laws.   

The Dalton Police Department asks anybody riding in any motor vehicle to buckle up, not just because it is required under Georgia law, but because it will help stops serious injuries associated with crashes.

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