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Women’s Self-Defense Class Planned

The Dalton Police Department will soon be offering a Women's Self Defense Class.  The course, which follows the R.A.D. system, emphasizes physical tactics that a woman can use to disable an attacker long enough to escape.  It is not a martial arts course designed to teach fighting, only self defense. 

The course, which is taught over a period of two weeks in four three-hour sessions, also features classroom instruction.  During the classroom sessions, participants are taught about the laws in Georgia that govern self-defense, and also different strategies women can use to increase awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance.  The course is designed for women of all ages, beginning with teenagers and up.

The course is taught by Officer Brian Pack, who was certified as an instructor for the program after completing training last year.  Once a student completes the Women's Self Defense class, she can return to any R.A.D. class across the country for free to refresh their skills or practice.

The course will be offered both at the Dalton Police Department later this year, and also at Dalton State College through the Center for Continuing Education.  The first session at the college isscheduled for April 21st, 23rd, 28th, and 30th from 6-9 pm.  For more information, you can contact the Center for Continuing Education at 706-272-4454.

The dates for the classes at the Dalton Police Department have not yet been finalized.  We'll be posting bulletins on the Dalton Police Blog about upcoming Women's Self Defense classes as soon as they are scheduled, so check back often. 

Click "Play" in the window below to watch a video on the DPD's new Women's Self Defense Course.

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17th Citizens’ Academy Gets Underway

The 17th Citizens' Police Academy kicked off Tuesday night with a welcome from Bill Weaver, chairman of Dalton's Public Safety Commission and a graduate of Dalton's first Citizens' Academy.  Mr. Weaver told the 24 participants in this year's academy that his experience in the Citizens' Academy was something he wouldn't trade. He also had some advice for the students about one of their upcoming lessons: be careful what you aim at when you get to the firing range.

"I shot the hostage," Mr. Weaver joked about his trip to the range, referring to the pop-up practice targets at the firing range in Ringgold, which the first academy used for target practice.  The Citizens' Academy and the Dalton Police Department currently use the Whitfield County firing range.

After the welcome from Mr. Weaver, the students got their orientation from Sergeant Mike Dyer, and then spent the rest of the class under the direction of Chief Jason Parker.  Chief Parker gave the class a brief history of policing, including the organization and history of the Dalton Police Department.  Chief Parker also led the students on a tour of the Police Services Center.

Next week's class will focus on the department's patrol division, polygraphs, police recruitment, and the department's situational response unit (SRU).

Below (from left): Bill Weaver welcomes the 24 participants to the Citizens' Police Academy, Sergeant Mike Dyer speaks to the class, and Chief Jason Parker discusses the history of the Dalton Police Department (click thumbnails for a larger version of the image)

101_0923  101_0924  101_0927  101_0929

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Dalton Police Begin Neighborhood Policing Program

The Dalton Police Department is starting a new Neighborhood Policing program, with a mission to create productive one-to-one relationships with residents and business owners that promotes two-way communication and cooperation between the department and the community.  The department is currently conducting the pilot phase of the program, and will be moving towards a full-scale implementation later this year.

The City of Dalton is being divided into more than 90 “beats” approximately six city blocks in size.  An officer is being assigned to each of these smaller beats, and will spend part of each of his or her shifts patrolling in that area.  The officers will also conduct foot patrols in the area, making contact with citizens to inform them about the new program and exchange contact information.  The idea is to establish communication with residents outside of emergency situations.  Citizens will be encouraged to share information about anything out of the ordinary in their neighborhood, even if it’s not necessarily a crime in progress or an emergency.  The officer assigned to a neighborhood “beat” will be that citizen’s contact within the department for any questions or concerns. 

Later this year, the department will be adding an “e-policing” internet presence for the Neighborhood Policing program that will make this communication even easier for officers and citizens alike.  The service, which will be hosted by, will allow citizens of Dalton to view an interactive map of the city with information about where different types of crimes are being reported in the city.  Citizens can also register with the site to receive email updates both from the department and also neighborhood specific updates from their neighborhood officer.  They’ll also be able to contact neighborhood officers through the web site.  The program is being used in communities all across the country, including Savannah, Georgia.  Savannah’s “e-policing” site can be viewed at

Click "Play" in the window below to watch a video about the Neighborhood Policing Program (video may take a few moments to load. To view video in higher quality, click the "HQ" Icon in the lower right hand side of the video player)

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Satterfield Named Dalton Fire Chief

Bruce Satterfield was named chief of the Dalton Fire Department at this morning's meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission.   Satterfield has been serving as the department's interim chief since last November when former chief Barry Gober retired.

Satterfield has been serving the Dalton Fire Department since being hired March 19, 1980 as a firefighter.  He's worked his way up through the ranks with the department, being promoted to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief in 2000.

Satterfield is 51 years old.  He's been married to Kayanne Satterfield for 20 years, and they have one daughter, Brooke, who is a junior at Dalton High School.

"I'm honored by the trust and the appointment of Chief made by the Public Safety Commission and the members of the interview committee," Satterfield said in a statement released by the Fire Department.  "I look forward to representing the excellent personnel of the Dalton Fire Department as we continue to serve our customers, the citizens.  I pledge to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability."

Below: Chief Satterfield is interviewed by a reporter from WDNN-TV after his appointment at Tuesday's Public Safety Commission meeting (click thumbnail for a larger version of the image)

101_0921  101_0922

Click "Play" in the window below to watch a video interview with Chief Satterfield (Video may take a few moments to load)

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Re-Visiting Georgia’s Gun Laws

We get a lot of questions about gun laws. These laws frequently change and sometimes this causes confusion.  Last year, we posted some answers to frequently asked questions regarding gun laws.  To make sure that you're up to date on the current gun laws we're re-posting the questions with some updated answers. 

Firearms laws can vary greatly between states, which makes it important to become familiar with the firearms laws of not just your home state, but any state where you plan to travel.  An excellent source of information concerning gun laws is the National Rifle Association website.

Georgia's firearms laws can be found in the O.C.G.A. under title 16 Chapter 11 starting at 16-11-101 and concluding with 16-11-134.  These code sections can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Here are the answers to some of the more common firearms questions:

How old do I have be to legally possess a firearm?Georgia law requires that you be at least 18 years of age to possess either a handgun or long gun such as a rifle or shotgun.  While you can legally own a handgun in Georgia at 18 years of age, Federal law requires you to be at least 21 years of age before you can purchase a handgun.  Georgia law also prohibits anyone under the age of 21 carry a handgun on their person or in their vehicle unless they fall under one of the following exemptions: 

  • A certified peace officer in good standing with P.O.S.T
  • A member of the National Guard or of the armed forces of the United States to wit: the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard who, while serving therein, possesses such firearm in the line of duty.

If I am under 21 years of age can I carry a pistol or revolver in my vehicle? -  In order to carry a pistol or revolver in a vehicle Georgia law requires that a person not be among those enumerated as ineligible for a license under Code Section 16-11-129.  This means that if you do not meet the minimum requirements for a firearms license then you are not allowed to carry a handgun in your vehicle.  One of the requirements of a firearms license is that the person be at least 21 years of age.  There are some instances when someone under 21 years of age can carry a handgun in a vehicle.  It would be good to familiarize yourself with these exceptions.  They may be viewed by using the following link:

Do I have to register my gun(s) in Georgia? – No. Georgia does not require anyone to register firearms.

Do I have to have a permit to carry a firearm in my car? – No.  Georgia law does not forbid the transportation of a firearm in any private passenger motor vehicle.  It is not required that a person obtain a concealed weapons permit to carry a firearm in a vehicle.  Georgia law only requires that the person meet the same prerequisites as someone with a concealed weapon permit.  Previously the law required that the weapon be carried in an open manner and fully exposed to view or in the glove compartment, console, or similar compartment of the vehicle. This is no longer the case and this statement was taken out of the law effective January 1, 2009. 

Does the gun have to be unloaded when carrying it in my car?  No.  There is no requirement that it be unloaded.

Where can I carry my pistol or revolver if I have a license / permit? -  Even with a permit, there are restrictions when carrying a weapon on your person such as types of holsters, etc.  The person should review O.C.G.A 16-11-126 and be familiar with this code section before carrying a concealed weapon.

The second part of this question often deals with "where" as it pertains to location.  For this, carrying to or while at "public gathering" is prohibited.  There are also other locations that are prohibited even for those possessing a carry permit.  Public gathering, as defined in code section 16-11-127, "shall include, but shall not be limited to, athletic or sporting events, churches or church functions, political rallies or functions, publicly owned or operated buildings, or establishments at which alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises and which derive less than 50 percent of their total annual gross food and beverage sales from the sale of prepared meals or food".

A person licensed or permitted to carry a firearm under O.C.G.A 16-11-127 shall not consume alcoholic beverages in a restaurant or other eating establishment while carrying a firearm.  Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Where can I obtain a license to carry a pistol or revolver?  An application for a firearms license can be obtained from the probate court in your county of residence. 

How much does license to carry a pistol or revolver cost?  – In Whitfield County the cost of a firearms license is $60 and is valid for five years.  It may take up to two weeks to get everything processed and to get the permit issued.  

Is it required that I attend firearms training before obtaining firearms license?  - In Georgia, there is no requirement of firearms instruction or training prior to getting the carry permit.  However, while not required, it is highly recommended that the person obtain, at a minimum, basic instruction on the operation of the firearm they own as well as be familiar with the laws surrounding carrying and use of firearms.  Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a tremendous responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly.

Does your department offer firearms training? - Currently, the Dalton Police Department does not offer firearms instruction to private citizens.  However, there are several private organizations available to receive this instruction.  A few nationally recognized ones include Thunder Ranch, Gunsite Academy, Shootrite Academy in Alabama and Bill Rogers Shooting Schoolin Ellijay.

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Dalton Police Explorers Impress at Winterfest

Earlier this month, members of the Dalton Police Department's Explorers program competed against Explorer programs from 57 other agencies across the southeast at Winterfest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

The Explorers competed in three different scenarios, placing in all three.  Dalton finished 1st in "Felony Traffic Stop", while placing 3rd in "Warrant Service" and "Unknown Problem".  The Explorers work on different law enforcement scenarios throughout the year, but they don't find out which three scenarios in which they'll compete until they actually arrive at Winterfest. 

The Law Enforcement Explorer Program allows young men and women to gain training and experience in the law enforcement field.  The program also provides opportunities for community involvement and development.  Program activities center around law enforcement training, organized recreational activities and competitive events.  Officers David Saylors and Daniel Jones currently oversee the program.


  • Must be 14 to 20 years of age
  • Must maintain at least a "C" average, and must remain in school until graduation or obtain a GED
  • Must attend regularly scheduled meetings, including physical training

Applications for the program are reviewed in the fall and winter.

Below: Members of the Dalton Police Explorers pose with the awards they won at Winterfest '09 in Gatlinburg, TN earlier this month (from left: Isabelle Mora, Avery Scoggins, Alexis O'Quinn, Jordan Rittenhouse, Brittany Loggins) Click thumbnail for larger version of the image.



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Citizens’ Police Academy Class Set

The final roster of 24 participants has been set for the 17th Citizens' Police Academy which begins later this month.  The 10-week course takes citizens behind the scenes of every aspect of the Dalton Police Department, including plenty of hands-on police training.

Final approvals have been sent out to participants.  If you weren't selected, we invite you to apply again for the next Citizens' Academy when we begin accepting applications this fall.  The first class for the 17th Academy will start on February 24th.

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Follow the Dalton Police Department on Twitter

The Dalton Police Department is now online at!  You can follow our new Twitter feed at  All you have to do is sign up for a free Twitter account and click "follow".  You can also read the DPD's updates without signing up just by visiting the site.

Twitter is a social and communications networking service similar to a blog, but with much shorter messages (posts are limited to 140 characters).  The Twitter homepage describes the service as, "a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?" 

The Dalton Police Department will be using the service to stay closer connected to the community with any important safety messages or updates about police activity, as well as any news that might be of interest and updates about the department's various projects in the community.

Stay tuned to the Dalton Police Blog and also our DPD Twitter feed for more information from the Dalton Police Department.

To read more about what Twitter is all about, click here.


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Shoplifting Suspects Arrested

The Dalton Police Department has arrested two men in connection with the shoplifting theft of approximately $800-$1,000 worth of merchandise from the Belk department store at Walnut Square Mall on January 27th.

21-year old Jose Trejo and 21-year old Miguel Trejo were charged with shoplifting after Dalton detectives recognized Jose Trejo as a person who had been arrested by the Tunnel Hill Police Department the same night approximately two and a half hours after the shoplifting occurred on other charges.  When interviewed by the Dalton Police Department, Miguel Trejo confessed that he and Jose had committed the crime.

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Dalton Police Investigate Theft of Equipment Worth $50,000

The Dalton Police Department is seeking information on a theft that occurred January 18, 2009 at the Astroturf facility at 2680 Lakeland Road.  Early in the morning of the 18th, two suspects appearing to be white males stole a 16-foot enclosed utility trailer from the Astroturf facility.  The trailer contained a piece of sanding equipment valued at approximately $50,000.   The trailer itself is valued at approximately $5,000.

The two men were driving a red late-model Ford F-350 truck (extended cab, not the four-door model) with lights on the top of the cab and the rear fenders.  The image of the vehicle below was captured by the surveillance cameras at the Astroturf building, but no clear images were taken of the suspects.

At approximately 8:00 PM on January 17th, the two men were seen removing chains from the trailer, and then leaving.  They returned at approximately 6:30 AM on the 18th, hooked up the trailer to their truck, and drove off.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Detective John Helton with the Dalton Police Department at 706-278-9085, extension 143.

Click thumbnail below for a larger version of the image.


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