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City Park Welcomes Dalton Police Department

Friday was the monthly "Club Day" at City Park Elementary in Dalton, and the Community Club got a visit Friday afternoon from the Dalton Police Department.  Officer Chad Owen took time out of his patrol duties to visit the club to answer their questions about police work.

The City Park Community Club is made up of interested students from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  They listened while Officer Owen answered questions about the equipment officers carry on their duty belts, different jobs police officers have to carry out, and even how fast a bullet flies (answer: pretty fast).

The kids also got an up-close look at Officer Owen's patrol car, getting a chance to see the emergency lights switched on and hear the siren.

Below: Officer Chad Owen talks to kids at City Park about his job with the Dalton Police Department (click thumbnail for a larger version of the image)

101_0504101_0505  101_0507  101_0512  101_0515  

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Stay in the Game: Drive Safely for Super Bowl Weekend

This Sunday, January 24, 2009 is Super Bowl Sunday and also ranks as one of the most dangerous days on the nation’s highways, due to drunk driving.  During the year of 2007, statistics show that 32 percent of all traffic fatalities involved an impaired driver.  However, on Super Bowl Sunday XLII that stat jumped to a staggering 48 percent, when the driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2006 39 percent of all traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday involved an impaired driver with a BAC of .08 or greater.

The Dalton Police Department would like to offer some tips to make this a safe Super Bowl Sunday, so…

If you plan to host a Super Bowl Party:

  • Before kickoff, make sure your guests have Designated sober Drivers.
  • Never serve alcohol to guests under 21-years-of-age.
  • Serve plenty of food…And include soft drinks, juice, and water.
  • Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter (just like NFL stadiums) and start serving coffee and dessert instead.
  • Take car keys from anyone who thinks about driving impaired.
  • Keep the numbers for local cab companies on hand for impaired guests. 

If you plan to attend a Super Bowl Party or watch the game at a restaurant or sports bar, here are some tips to ensure that you arrive home safely:

  • Designate your sober driver before the party begins and give them your car keys.
  • Volunteer to be the Designated Driver or offer to be one next time out.
  • Before you party, program local cab company numbers in your cell phone so a safe ride is just a call away.
  • Pace yourself.  Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast.  Eat enough food, take breaks, and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Never let a friend out of sight if you think they’re about to drive impaired. 

The Dalton Police Department would like to remind motorists of its Zero-Tolerance policy on impaired driving, and ask the help of all motorists to make this a safe Super Bowl Sunday on the roadways by, Buckling Up, Slowing Down and Driving Sober. 

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Students Visit Police Department

On Thursday morning, a group of pre-first grade students at Christian Heritage School visited the Dalton Police Department to learn about the job of a police officer.  The group also toured the Post Office on Thornton Avenue and Dalton Fire Station #1.

While at the Police Department, the students got to look around the building, and check out the roll-call room.  Training Officer Brian Pack conducted the tour, telling the students about his job and also about different ways to stay safe including the importance of not talking to strangers and not playing with guns.  Each student left with their own police badge sticker.

Below: Students from Christian Heritage learn about being a police officer (click thumbnails for a larger version of the image)

101_0499  101_0501 101_0500101_0503   

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Citizen Survey Results

The Dalton Police Department's mission is to provide a safe environment with professional, quality police service through positive interaction with the citizens of Dalton.  As part of that mission, the department seeks input from the community as we formulate a strategic plan to serve Dalton. 

In the coming year, the department will be reviewing and revising a three-year strategic plan for 2010-2012.  In November of 2008, the department conducted a random mail survey of 900 Dalton residents.  369 residents, or 41% responded.  The purpose of the survey is to gauge current perception of crime and other conditions in Dalton, compare them to the results of a previous survey from 2006, and make sure that the service we are providing is in line with the expectations of citizens, and adjust our strategic plan accordingly.

The survey suggests that there has been a significant improvement in the perception of crime.  In addition, the data shows increases in the percentage of respondents who indicate satisfaction with the police department's ability to meet the needs of the community.

This survey is just a small part of the department's effort to increase our personal relationships within the community.  The department's proactive efforts and the community's willing participation are much more crucial parts of that effort.  However, while it's somewhat crude from a scientific standpoint, the department is using this survey as a barometer of the public's perceptions.  We plan to use it to continue to improve our strategic plan and better serve the Dalton community.

To view the results of the 2008 Citizen Survey, click here.

As always, comments from the community are welcome on this forum.

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Public Safety Commission Elects New Officers

The Dalton Public Safety Commission met for their first 2009 meeting on Tuesday, beginning with the swearing in of new commission member Carlos Calderin and the election of new officers.  By unanimous vote, the commission elected longtime member Bill Weaver as chairman, and Terry Mathis as secretary.

Also during the Public Safety Commission meeting, former Public Safety Commission chairman Lane Ashworth was honored with presentations from Police Chief Jason Parker, Interim Fire Chief Bruce Satterfield, and on behalf of the commission and the city council, Mr. Weaver.  Ashworth's appointment to the Public Safety Commission expired in December after 11 years of service.

Below: New Public Safety Commission member Carlos A. Calderin is sworn in before Tuesday's meeting of the Dalton Public Safety Commission

101_0495 101_0496  

Below: Former Public Safety Commission member Lane Ashworth is honored by Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker (left) and Interim Fire Chief Bruce Satterfield (right).


Below: Bill Weaver, the new chairman of the Public Safety Commission

Bill Weaver

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New Public Safety Commission Member Named

Updated 1/23/09 with interview video

Carlos A. Calderin was recently appointed to the Dalton Public Safety Commission, replacing Lane Ashworth whose term expired in December after 11 years of service.  Calderin says he decided to serve after being approached by members of the City Council because he believes Dalton is an up and coming community. 

“For Dalton to be able to reach the level of prosperity that it is capable of, it needs dedicated individuals willing to lend a hand,” Calderin says.  “Dalton has been wonderful to me and I believe it is only fair that I now work to be one of those dedicated individuals that Dalton needs. Any successful community is built on the strong foundation of law and order and public safety.  Therefore, it is only logical that the Public Safety Commission be a place where I would try to lend my help and service.”

Mr. Calderin has lived in Dalton for the past 4 years.  He is a lawyer, and his law firm Calderin & Oliva, P.A. has offices in downtown Dalton and Miami, Florida.  He and his wife, Jessica Oliva-Calderin are the shareholders in the practice which opened in Florida 5 years ago.  Before opening the practice, he worked as an attorney with Coane and Associates in Miami and as a legal consultant with the Ceridian Corporation.  Calderin earned his bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Florida International University before graduating from law school at American University’s Washington College of Law in 2000.   Also in 2000, he earned a master’s degree in International Affairs from American University’s School of International Service.

Mr. Calderin will officially begin his service with the Public Safety Commission at its next meeting, Tuesday, January 27th.

Below: New Public Safety Commission Member Carlos A. Calderin (click thumbnail for a larger version of the image)


Click play below for video (video may take a moment to load):

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Winter Weather Driving Reminders

With the possibility of light snow in the forecast over the next few days, the Dalton Police Department would like to remind motorists of some tips for staying safe on the roads when the temperature drops below freezing.  Statistics show that more crashes occur during winter months.  When taking to the road during winter months, remember to drive with caution to help maintain your safety as well as motorists and pedestrians around you. Dalton Police Department recommends the following tips for winter driving:

  • Remove all snow and ice from your entire vehicle prior to starting out, checking lights and mirrors as well.
  • Drive with your headlights on low beam to make yourself more visible to other motorists.
  • When roads are wet or icy, slow your speed down.
  • Leave earlier, allotting extra time to reach your destination.  Whenever possible, delay your travel altogether.
  • If you encounter snow removal equipment, allow plenty of room for it to operate. 
  • Remember, bridges and overpasses freeze quickly and before any other surfaces.
  • If your tires lose traction, look and steer into the direction you want to go. 
  • Look farther ahead in traffic to allow for more reaction time. Actions by drivers ahead of you will alert you of problems you are about to encounter.
  • When braking, apply steady firm pressure, don’t apply the brakes quickly or accelerate suddenly.
  • Remember, four wheel drive vehicles give you extra traction to get going, but do NOT aid you in stopping any quicker.

As always, the Dalton Police Department would like to remind motorists to, Buckle Up, Slow Down and Drive Sober. 

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Chaplains Present Prayer Coins

At their monthly meeting, the Dalton Police Department's Chaplains presented Chief Jason Parker with the first of the prayer coins they'll present to officers they work with.  The prayer coin is intended to be a symbol of the chaplains' support and prayers for the department's officers.

Chaplain Thomas McCrainie read from 1st Timothy, Chapter 2, verses 1 and 2 when presenting Chief Parker with the coin: "I ask that supplications, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone, for kings and for all in authority, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dignity."

Chief Parker said, "Our Chaplains provide a tremendous amount of support to the officers and employees of the department, and this coin is a great symbol of that support.”

Below: Chaplain Thomas McCrainie (left) and Ray Camp (right) present a prayer coin to Chief Jason Parker (center). Click thumbnails for a larger version of the image.

101_0478  101_0480  101_0481

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