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Dalton Officers Assist with Bicycle Rodeo

Dalton Police Officers assisted with a bicycle rodeo on May 17 at Brookwood School. The rodeo was one of a succession of events with the Safe Routes To School program underway at Brookwood, and coordinated by Principal Will Esters. The officers helped instruct the children on safe bicycle riding and basic skills.

Bike1_6 Officer David Saylors watches as the children practice maneuvers.

In addition to instruction during the event, officers offer the following safety tips:

  • Always wear a helmet – This is the single most effective safety device available to reduce head injury and death from bicycle crashes.  Make it a rule that every time your child rides a bike, to wear a helmet.  This is not only for the child but for the adult as well.  Set the example for your child by wearing a helmet as well.  Be sure the helmet meets or exceeds the safety standards developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Make sure the helmet fits correctly – Helmet fit is important.  It should be comfortable and snug, but not too tight.  It should sit centered on top of the head in a level position, and it should not rock forward and backward or side to side.  And, the helmet straps must always be buckled snugly against the chin.
  • Proper bicycle fit – Buy a bicycle that is the right size for the child not one he or she will grow into.  When sitting on the bicycle, the child’s feet should touch the ground.
  • Bicycle Maintenance – Make sure the reflectors are secure, the brakes work properly, gears shift smoothly, the chain is not too loose, and the tires are tightly secured and properly inflated.
  • Teach and obey all traffic rules of the road – Ride with traffic not against it and stay as far on the right side of the road as possible.  Always use caution when crossing the road looking both ways several times to ensure no vehicles are approaching.  No child below the age of 10 should be allowed to ride on the highways.  These children should be restricted to sidewalks and closed roadways or parks
  • Don’t ride at night – Don’t allow your children to ride their bicycle at night.  The danger is too great since the ability of others to see your child becomes difficult.  Even if the child is riding in the yard at night, they may hit an obstacle causing them to crash and injury themselves. 
  • Dress for Safety – Besides the helmet, children should wear clothing that protects them in case of a fall.  Also, the clothing should be light colored and include reflective materials if possible to improve visibility to motorists, especially if riding at dusk or dawn.
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Dalton Police Seek Help Identifying Scam Suspect

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the publics help in identifying the suspect pictured below. The male in this photo has been approaching people telling them he has a winning lottery ticket and  needs someone to help claim the winnings. The male asks for a loan of 5 to 10 thousand dollars from victims to help pay fees and taxes, and then promises to pay the victims 25 – 50 thousand dollars if they can help.

The offenders work in pairs so that one other person comes up with some of the needed money and then the victim is asked to come up with their part. After the offenders get the money one of them usually get “sick” and sends the victim into the store to buy medicine. When victim returns the suspects and the money is gone. The department has had several cases similar to this recently, including two cases in May.

If you can identify this person, or have other information, please contact Detective Matthew Locke at 706-278-9085, extension 320.

Scam_suspect1 Scam_suspect2 Photos of the suspect.

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Dalton Police Participate in Statewide Click It or Ticket

Dalton Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit, along with the Patrol Division will step up its efforts in enforcing Georgia’s Seatbelt and Child Restraint laws, in conjunction with the nation wide “Click it or Ticket” campaign that will run from May 19th thru June 1st.  The first nationwide traffic enforcement campaign of the year will include the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday.



“Click It or Ticket” is a nationwide enforcement campaign to increase seat belt usage, and to reduce serious injury or fatal car crashes.  Research data from 2006 shows that 72-percent of passenger vehicle occupants involved in serious car crashes nationwide survived when wearing their seat belts correctly.  Seat belts have proven to reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers by 45-percent.   

The current statewide seat belt usage in the state of Georgia is at 90%, the highest in the Southeast.  The most recent seat belt usage survey conducted in April 2008 by the Dalton Police Department showed Dalton’s usage rate is also at 90%.

For more information and FAQ about traffic safety, click here.

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2008 Law Enforcement Torch Run For Special Olympics

Members of the Dalton Police Department, Whitfield County Sheriff’s Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted the local leg of the 2008 Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Special Olympics-Georgia this morning. An annual event, the individual officers raise money from others to sponsor their participation. In addition, several officers received corporate and individual donations.

The local torch run route covered nine miles in Dalton and Whitfield County, and included a stop and visit with students at Valley Point Elementary School.

100_0681 Members of the Dalton Police Department, Whitfield County Sheriff’s Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation prepare for the Torch Run

100_0693 Sheriff Scott Chitwood, and Chief Jason Parker with the torch.

100_0700 Whitfield Deputies and Dalton Officers at the finish line in Gordon County



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Dalton Police Looking For Robbery Suspect

Dalton Police investigators are searching for a Hispanic male suspected of robbing two stores in Dalton during the evening of May 7, 2008. The suspect entered the MapCo store at 400 North Glenwood Avenue at about 8:30 PM and demanded money from the clerk. The suspect left the store with an undetermined amount of cash. At about 11:30 PM, a suspect appearing to be the same as in the earlier robbery entered the MapCo store at 1128 S. Thornton Avenue, Dalton and demanded money. The suspect left this location with an undetermined amount of cash.

The suspect in both robberies is described as a dark skinned male, possibly Hispanic, with a very light accent. The male is approximately 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, 25-35 years old, and weighing 150-175 pounds. The suspect was wearing a white t-shirt, dark pants, and work boots in the first robbery, and dark pants, work boots, a dark button-up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. The suspect wore sunglasses during both robberies. The suspect did not display a weapon during the robberies.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Nathan Lee at 706-278-9085, extension 140. Photos of the suspect are included below:

Photo of the suspect at 400 North Glenwood


Photos of the suspect at 1128 South Thornton Avenue 



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Citizens Police Academy Graduation

Members of Dalton’s 16th Citizens Police Academy were honored during a graduation ceremony Tuesday night at Ryman Hall. Over the past 10 weeks, participants were given an inside look into the police department with information about crime scene processing, firearms, and use of force.  The graduates were also given an opportunity to ride with an officer for an entire shift.  The next Academy will be in the Spring of 2009.  For information about the Citizens Police Academy, you can contact Sergeant Mike Dyer at 706-278-9085 extension 109 or by email at

Cpa_003 Chief Jason Parker speaks to the graduating class

Cpa_006 Academy participant accepting graduation certificate

Cpa_011 Citizens Police Academy graduates

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Addressing Project

Whitfield County’s Address Location Project is currently underway and will directly affect City of Dalton residents now through early June.  Field survey crews from GeoComm will be in the city with a GPS device to identify and record addresses.  The technicians may approach homes to survey residents.  If residents are unavailable, technicians will leave an information sheet and a survey for residents to complete.  Information provided by residents will assist the completion of the Addressing Location Project.

The purpose of this project is to locate every structure in Whitfield County to aid in emergency response and correct potential errors.  The most immediate result will be more accurate dispatch of emergency responders to medical and other emergency calls.

Background on GeoComm Inc.

GeoComm is a communications engineering and GIS mapping firm specializing in Enhanced 911 Systems and Mapping for public safety entities.  GeoComm’s expertise lies in the integration of communications systems with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide highly accurate maps and addressing data required in the implantation of Enhanced 911.  In addition, GeoComm offers dispatch mapping software, Automatic Vehicle Location Solutions, wireless phase 1 and 2 call plotting and public safety consulting.

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Dalton Police Looking For Group of Theft Suspects

Dalton Police detectives are looking for a group of suspects wanted for two separate thefts.  The first theft occurred at Hamilton Medical Center on April 25th.  Just before midnight, $1,500.00 was stolen out of a Coke machine and a money changer.  Three white male suspects in their early 20s are shown on surveillance footage.  Also shown on surveillance is a white female in her early 20s who assisted the male suspects.  It is believed the suspects used keys to open the machines.

The same male suspects are also wanted for a theft at Laundry King on MLK Jr. Boulevard on April 26th.  At this location, the suspects broke into a Coke machine and detergent dispenser.  Approximately $50.00 in change was stolen from the Coke machine and approximately $20.00 worth of laundry detergent was taken.  The three male suspects were captured by surveillance cameras.  At this location, the suspects also used keys to open the machines.

If anyone has information about these four suspects, pleas call detective Jason Bishop at 706-278-9085 extension 214.

Laundromat1 Suspects shown at laundromat


Hospital2 Suspects shown at hospital

Hospital1 Female suspect shown at hospital

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