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Police Looking for 3 Individuals in Connection with Scam

Investigators with the Dalton Police Department are looking for three individuals in connection with a scam involving confusing a store clerk by repeatedly asking for change.  Once they complete a transaction they begin asking the clerk to make change for $100 bill, then other multiple bills confusing the clerk and in the end leaving with more money than they came in with.  In one particular case, one of the suspects scammed $700.00 from a clerk at Wal-Mart in Dalton.  These individuals are suspects in two other similar scams at Wal-Marts in Calhoun, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The primary suspect in this case is being described as:

  • Black/Female, approximately 5’6" tall, 350 pounds, with short dyed strawberry/blonde hair

Two other individuals wanted in connection with these crimes is described as:

  • Black/Female, average height, heavy build, with dark hair
  • Black/Male, approximately 40 years old, 5’10" tall, heavy build, dark hair

Anyone with information about these individuals is asked to contact Detective Greg Bates at (706) 278-9085 extension 137.  They may also call the department’s CRIME TIP HOTLINE at (706) 278-9085 extension 221.


Primary suspect seen here in surveillance footage wearing a white shirt entering the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Dalton, GA.  Woman in black/striped shirt in background is also a suspect in this case

Bates_scam_077171_1Identity of this Black Male is being sought by Police Investigators as an accomplice in this crime

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Police Looking for Gang Member with Active Warrants

Police investigators with the Safe Streets Task Force are looking for Mr. Celso Gomez, 24 of Dalton.  Mr. Gomez is listed as a member of a local gang.  Mr. Gomez is wanted in connection with Possession of Cocaine, Giving False Information, and Forgery charges.  The last address the police department has for Mr. Gomez is 1217 Acme Street in Dalton.

A picture of Mr. Gomez is included below and anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mr. Gomez is asked to contact Detective Chris Johnson with the police department at (706) 278-9085 extension 222.  Callers can also contact the department’s crime tip HOTLINE at (706) 278-9085 extension 221 if they wish to leave an anonymous tip.

Celso_gomez_2Recent photo of Mr. Celso Gomez wanted by police in connection with Possession of Cocaine, Giving False Information, and Forgery.  Police are asking from assistance from the public in locating Mr. Gomez

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Dalton Police Department Tests New Pistols

The Dalton Police Department recently began a testing and evaluation program on three new pistols as a possible replacement for the current issue Sig Sauer P229 .40 Caliber handgun.  The current Sig duty pistol has been in the department’s inventory since 1998.

As part of this evaluation, a protocol was developed which involved accuracy, velocity, and reliability testing for each pistol.  A total of 500 rounds is fired through each pistol with 470 rounds being fired within a 2 hour time frame within no additional lubrication or cleaning allowed once the testing begins.

The three test pistols include the Smith & Wesson’s M&P, Glock model 21 SF, and Springfield XD.  All three of these pistols are in .45 caliber.  Other pistol manufactures will be considered as this testing continues.

"In the past 9 years, there have been significant developments in pistol design.  We are now seeing pistols holding 10 to 13 rounds of the much more powerful 45 ACP ammunition in a grip size comparable to that of our current pistols", says Officer Chris McDonald, one of the department’s firearms instructors who is assisting with the testing of the new pistols.  The ammunition capacity of the issued Sig pistol is 12 rounds.

100_0026 All three pistols following 500 round reliability test.  From left to right, Glock 21 SF, Springfield XD 45, and Smith & Wesson M&P45.

100_0014 Captain Mike Rogers, 32 year veteran of the Dalton Police Department and a Firearms Instructor since 1984, firing the Springfield XD 45 during testing and evaluation.

Mcdonald_pistol_te Officer Chris McDonald fires the Glock model 21 SF during testing and evaluation

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Changes Implemented for Accessing Arrest Data

Several weeks ago, the police department began posting area arrests on the department’s web log site.  The primary reasons for posting the arrests are:

  • Accountability
  • To inform the public and increase awareness
  • Limited room through local print media for all arrests

The arrest data will list all persons arrested by Dalton Police Officers and Investigators, regardless of whether the person posted bond.  This list will only reflect that the person was arrested, and in no way implies guilt or innocence, and does not reflect whether the person is still incarcerated or was released on bond.

The arrest data will be available through the department’s web blog site at  Once on the site, the user will be required to simply click the link labeled "Dalton PD Arrest Data" on the right side of the web site to access the arrest information.

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Arrests 8/22/07 – 8/23/07

Click here to view arrests.

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Arrests 8/20/07 – 8/21/07

Click here for arrest data.

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Foul Play not Suspected in the Death of an 88 Year Old Dalton Woman

The Dalton Police Department is finishing up its investigation into the death of a Dalton woman found dead in her home this past Sunday.  Ms. Plant was found unresponsive inside her home at approximately 2:05 p.m. when a concerned family member visited the residence to check on her.

The Dalton Police Department will be interviewing a few remaining individuals in this case and is waiting on the toxicology report from the Sate Crime Lab.  However, based on the investigation and the results from the autopsy from the State Crime Lab, the Police Department does not suspect foul play in the death of Ms. Plant.

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Arrests 8/19/07 – 8/20/07

Blalock Jason Gene W/M Age: 31
801 Parkway Dr, Dalton
Driving w/out License(Unlicensed) / No Insurance
Carroll Edward Eugene W/M Age: 42
780 Maple Grove Church Rd, Chatsworth
Public Drunkeness
Chavez Mariso H/M Age: 17
726 Keith Dr, Dalton
Consumption of alcohol by minor / Possession of tools for the
Escalante Bayron Perez H/M Age: 20
602 Morningside Dr, Apt 2, Dalton
Failure to appear (DUI, Open Cont, No Lic, Following too Close) / Consumption of alcohol by minor /
Giving false information or false name
Gonzalez Teodoro Perez H/M Age: 40
602 Morningside Dr, Apt 2, Dalton
Public drunkeness / Possession of Sch II (Cocaine) / Giving false informaiton or false name
Hurtado Maria Matilda H/F Age: 36
828 4th Ave, Apt 14, Dalton
Failure to drive w/in single lane / Driving under influence / Driving while license withdrawn /
Giving false information or false name
Langston Misty Joe W/F Age: 27
191 Maple Grove Rd, Dalton
Deposit Account Fraud (2 counts)
Loveless Christopher William W/M Age: 23
4228 Keith Valley Rd, Cohutta
Speeding / Driving while license withdrawn
Lucas-Perez Roberto H/M Age: 25
428 4th Ave, Apt 5, Dalton
Giving False Information or False Name / Possession of False Identification Document /
False Statement in Application Constituting False Swearing
McNeese John Andrew W/M Age: 27
1662 Stinnett Dr, Dalton
Battery (Family Violence)
Munoz Gustavo Ortiz H/M Age: 26
904 Sherwood, Dalton
Driving under influence / Driving while license withdrawn
Nunez Jr Refugio H/M Age: 21
1030 Willowdale Rd, Dalton
Probation Violation (Tags to Conceal)
Reynoso Francisco DeLeon H/M Age: 32
38 McGhee Pl, Dalton
Simple battery (Family violence)
Rivera-Iglesias Jose Enrique H/M Age: 27
140 Springfield Dr, Unit Q, Chatsworth
Poss of cocaine
Rubio Susan Kaye H/F Age: 17
608 Patten St, Dalton
Obstruction of an officer (Misd) / Disorderly Conduct / Driving while license withdrawn
Lighted headlights required at certain times / Giving false information or false name
Rudolph Tamika Maria B/F Age: 27
314 N Thornton Ave, Dalton
Disorderly conduct
Soto Ismael Martinez H/M Age: 17
1044 Jessie St, Dalton
Consumption of Alcohol by minor
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Police Department Releases Name of Deceased Woman

Investigators from the Dalton Police Department have released the name of the 88 year old white female found dead in her home Sunday afternoon.  The victim’s name is listed as Nadine Plant, 88 years of age, of Dalton.

Ms. Plant was found in her home at 606 Stillwood Drive in Dalton by a family member at approximately 2:05 p.m.  An autopsy is scheduled for Monday at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Lab in Atlanta to assist in determining the cause of death.

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Dalton Police Investigate Death of 88 Year Old Woman

The Dalton Police Department responded to a call of an unresponsive female at 606 Stillwood Drive in Dalton on Sunday August 19th, 2007.  The victim, identified only as an 88 year old white female, was found when a family member went to the victim’s residence to check on her.  The family member immediately called 911 at approximately 2:05 p.m.

Units from the Dalton Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, and the Dalton Police Department were all dispatched to the scene.  Sergeant Tom Phillips of the Dalton Police Department was the first unit to arrive.  Investigators were eventually called to the scene to oversee the investigation.

Due to the suspicious nature of the victim’s death, the Dalton Police Department is treating the scene and investigation as a homicide.  No further information about the case is being released at this time.

The police department has set up a HOTLINE for this case that will be manned by an officer starting at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening and is asking for anyone that has information about this case to please call.

The phone number for the HOTLINE is 706-278-9085 extension 120.  All calls will be handled in a confidential manner.

Police 100_0046Units on the scene at the residence of a Dalton woman found dead inside her residence


Front of residence located at 606 Stillwood Drive and focus of investigation into the death of an 88 year old Dalton woman


Officers of the Dalton Police Department, including Police Chief James D. Chadwick and Assistant Police Chief Jason Parker along with officers from the Patrol and Criminal Investigative Division, discuss details of the case 

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