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Dalton Police See Crime Reduction Since Start of Operation A.B.L.E.

The Dalton Police Department has seen a 21% decrease in the total number of Part I crimes since the beginning of operation A.B.L.E. Part I crimes, which include aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, robbery, rape, larceny, and arson, are considered the most serious offenses under the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. There has also been a 43% decrease in vandalism, a major area of concern being targeted by operation A.B.L.E., which has been in place almost two months.

Operation A.B.L.E. brings all of the police department’s resources, including the Safe Streets Task Force, to bear against lowering crime and aggressively pursuing those involved in gang activity and dangerous behavior. Targeting certain areas and crimes, the operation involves as many as 27 officers on the street during the peak hours.

A recent arrest on July 4th, where a concerned citizen observed suspicious behavior and contacted police leading to the arrest of two individuals for spray painting a building, is an example of the type of involvement we like to see from residents in the effort to reduce crime in our city.  We have also seen an increase in the amount of calls and tips from the citizens concerning suspicious behavior.

"While it is difficult to show a causal connection between our efforts and the amount of crime prevented, it appears that an increase in officers on the streets, along with an increase in involvement from citizens, has had a positive impact on the community", says Assistant Chief Jason Parker.

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Dalton Police Participate in National Night Out August 3

The Dalton Police department will host the annual "National Night Out 2007" on Friday August 3, from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. at the Police Services Center at 301 Jones Street. Sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, and co-sponsored by the police department, the National Night Out is an annual, nationwide event that allows members of the public and police to meet and become more familiar.

This year’s event at the department includes free drinks and hotdogs, inflatable children’s play centers, Child ID Kits, the department’s Crime Scene van display, and others. The men and women of the department want to extend an invitation to all in the community for this opportunity to become more familiar with the department and receive some crime prevention tips.

The Police Services Center is located at the corner of Jones and Waugh Streets (behind First Baptist Church).

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Police Department Seeks Public Information Specialist

The City of Dalton Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Public Relations Specialist. Desirable candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in journalism, communication, or public relations as well as a minimum of two years experience in the public relations or media field. This position will be responsible for the preparation and distribution of information about the police department to both the media and the public through various media outlets. Salary range is $13.85 to $17.31 per hour based on the applicant’s education and experience level. A City of Dalton employment application must be completed and received by the job closing date of August 3, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. EST. These applications may be obtained at the Human Resource Office at Dalton City Hall, 300 W. Waugh Street, Dalton, GA. (706) 281-1267. EOE.

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Police Department Begins Expanded Enforcement of Spray Paint Sales to Minors

The Dalton Police Department will begin an expanded enforcement of the current "Model Glue" code section of Georgia Law to target the sale of spray paint to minors.  Under the current law, products containing certain chemicals are prohibited from sale to persons under the age of 18 years of age.  Most spray paints contain one or more of these restricted chemicals. In the past, officers have charged those found to have inhaled the chemical substances, but did not investigate the source the person used to obtain the paint.

Under the current law, stores that sell these spray paints must verify that the person purchasing them is 18 years of age or older unless they have written permission from a parent or guardian.  Many stores already have policies in place that require them to properly identify the customer’s age before the product is sold.

Several months ago, the Police Department arrested several juveniles who were riding around the City firing a weapon at businesses and parked vehicles.  In a few of these cases, individuals were almost hit by the gunfire.  Once caught, it was determined that the juveniles had been inhaling paint prior to and during the time the shootings occurred.  This measure is being done to reduce the chances that paints containing these dangerous chemicals end up in the hands of youth.

The Police Department will be meeting with local businesses to educate and inform them of the law and our enforcement measures.

Click here for the full Georgia Code concerning the law.

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Officers Provide Assistance During Peace March

On Saturday July 14, Dalton Officers assisted local citizens during a "Peace March." The organizer, local resident Johnnie Cavett, had told police she expected as many as 300-400 people. When the event began, however, only nine (9) people participated. Drumming up support and participation in this type event has been historically difficult for organizers.

Although the number of "marchers" was small, the police department had to plan for the maximum number expected. As a result, an entire detail, plus the Safe Streets Task Force, was assembled to carry out the planned operation. The group began their trek down Fredrick Street to the end of Fourth Avenue, then retraced their steps.


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Residents Being Asked To Slow Down in Residential Areas

The Dalton Police Department has received complaints of motorists speeding through residential areas.  One particular area mentioned was the Brookwood community.

The Police Department has increased patrols in all residential areas during daylight hours and will be deploying the speed trailer at various locations around the city to address this concern.

Of most concern is the concentration of young children in these residential neighborhoods due to school being out for the summer.

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Dalton Police Seek Identity of Suspects in Fraud Case

Investigators with the Dalton Police Department are seeking information that will lead to the identification of multiple suspects involved in using stolen identification in an attempt to cash stolen checks.

The cases involve one to two suspects using both a stolen State ID card and stolen driver’s license in an attempt to cash several forged checks that were stolen from a Dalton residence.  The attempts to cash these checks occurred at the BB&T branches in both Dalton on May 15th, and Calhoun on May 17th, 2007.  In both instances, the bank became suspicious and refused to cash the checks.  In one instance, bank personnel kept both the fraudulent check and the stolen ID.

Surveillance footage from the Calhoun BB&T branch shows one of the suspects at the teller counter trying to cash a stolen check.  These surveillance images are included with this release for distribution.

One of the suspects description:

  • White male, approximately 50 years old
  • Approximately 5’10", 230 pounds
  • Bald with large glasses

A possible suspect vehicle is described as a:

  • 1990 – 2000 Black Jeep Cherokee

Anyone that can identify the suspect in this case is asked to contact Detective Matthew Locke at 706.278.9085 extension 320.  Or, individuals can always contact our CRIME TIP HOTLINE at 706.278.9085 extension 221 if they wish to remain anonymous.

Locke_forgery_4157_1Surveillance camera images of the suspect attempting to cash a fraudulent check at the Calhoun Branch of the BB&T Bank.


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Observant Resident Helps Police in Arrest

An observant resident, Ms. Dolores Carrillo of Dalton, recently aided the police department in the arrest of two individuals for spray painting a business.  The crime occurred on July 4th at around 4:20 p.m. at the business of Harvest Carpet Inc. located on 924 N. Selvidge Street.

Ms. Carrillo had observed a Hispanic male acting as what she described as a "lookout" from behind the business.  She also said she was aware of individuals painting the sides and back of the building in the past.  When she approached, two individuals fled into the woods.

Once police arrived, both suspects were located and taken into custody.  During the officer’s investigation, fresh paint was observed on the business. The juveniles, ages of 12 and 13 years of age, were charged with Criminal Trespass, a misdemeanor.  They are also likely to be charged under the Georgia Crime Gang Act, a felony. 

The police department wants to commend Ms. Carrillo for her observation skills and her willingness to get involved and call the police.  Both of which led to the arrest of those responsible for the vandalism.

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Red Light Cameras in Dalton

The City of Dalton recently approved red light camera systems at the intersections of:

  • Waugh Street & Thornton Avenue
  • Shugart Road & Highway 41
  • Airport Road & Walnut Avenue
  • Walnut Avenue & Glenwood Avenue

The official start for the program is set for Monday July 9, 2007 with a press conference at the corner of Waugh Street and Thornton Avenue.  The camera system will become operational on July 10, 2007.  This location is the first system to become operational with the others to follow in the near future.

The system works by using a camera to photograph vehicles that enter the intersection after the light has turned red.  The technology is intended to catch vehicles driven by motorist who intentionally enter the intersection well after the signal has turned red.  The system is designed to decrease the number and severity of accidents and increase pedestrian safety by reducing or eliminating persons proceeding through a red light through enforced compliance.

Motorists will be given a 30 day grace period whereby warning will be issued if a violation occurs using the system.  After the 30 day grace period, drivers face a fine of up to $70.00 if they fail to stop for a red light.

More information about the the red light camera system from Lasercraft, the company contracted to install the current systems.

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Crime and Community Involvement

"We cannot arrest our way out of this situation, It’s going to take a community effort". 

This was the quote given by Chief James D. Chadwick at a recent press conference hosted by the Conasauga Safe Streets Task Force in response to the gang problem in Dalton.

The police department has been taking extra efforts in educating the public about crime and ways they can reduce their chances of being a victim.  Through these efforts, we will build partnerships with the residents of Dalton which will have long lasting effects on reducing the amount of crime in our City.

Some of the police departments efforts are listed below.

  • Blog Site – One of the most profound steps has been the introduction of this blog site.  This site provided the citizens of Dalton a way of obtaining information about the department and crime in their community on a 24 hour basis.  It also allows them to ask questions about posted topics or other areas of concern.
  • Public forums – The department has held two forums on gangs and one on illegal drugs.  Public Forums on personal safety and Immigration are also planned for 2007.
  • Crime Prevention Information – The police department has a crime prevention officer that can provide information on effective measures to reduce your chances of being a victim.  All officers are trained to provide you with general crime prevention techniques.
  • Crime Free Apartment Housing Program – This year the police department launched a Crime Free Apartment Housing Program (CFAH) for apartment complexes in the City.  This program will build long standing relationships with apartment managers and residents in the community and assist them in identifying trouble areas within their community.

We are constantly exploring new ways to provide our citizens with accurate up to date information on public safety issues", says Assistant Police Chief Jason Parker.  "We are seeing a tremendous desire by the public to obtain information straight from the souce without first being filtered.  Emphasis on public information will prove crucial to meeting that demand".

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