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Chief Chadwick Recognizes Volunteers

Chief of Police James Chadwick of the Dalton Police Department recently recognized the department’s volunteers for their service to the police department and the citizens of Dalton.

The police department currently has nine volunteers.  Four of those volunteers are chaplains and the other five assist the department by patrolling the City and assisting disabled motorist.

The volunteers and their families gathered at the Filling Station restaurant for the ceremony.  The Chief recognized each for their service.  All the volunteers received a certificate of recognition for their commitment to the community.

Also present for the ceremony was Assistant Chief of Police Jason Parker, Public Safety Commission Chairman Lane Ashworth, and Dalton City Councilman Charlie Bethel.

Volunteer_dinner_2007_009Chief Chadwick commending volunteers for their service to the community during a recent awards ceremony

Volunteer_dinner_2007_016Chief Chadwick and Chairman Lane Ashworth recognizing Volunteer John Perkins with a certificate of recognition for their commitment to the community

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Dalton Police Department Utilizes Website Auction for Surplus Goods

The Dalton Police Department has begun utilizing an on-line website to auction surplus and seized items.  The program began January of this year and involves a procedure where interested parties bid on items of interest.

The company being used for these auctions is  Some examples of items auctioned on the site include vehicles, computer equipment, and other office supplies no longer used. 

The money from surplus items goes back into the city’s general fund.  Monies from seized vehicles is placed into a special fund withing the police department and can only be used for specific needs.

In the past, items sold through a private auction company.  One of the major problems associated with a private company involved getting the items to the company and the expense incurred especially with vehicles.

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Public Forum on Illegal Drug Use

The Dalton Police Department is preparing to meet with the public to discuss illegal drug use in our community.  This is the 2nd in a series of forums for the year. 

This forum will focus on educating the public, particularly parents, on:

  • How to recognize if their child or another person is taking Illegal Drugs
  • Steps parents can take to minimize their child from becoming involved in Illegal Drugs
  • How to recognize Illegal Drug Activity in their neighborhood
  • Proactive steps citizens can take to reduce and eliminate Illegal Drug activity our community

The forum is scheduled for May 3rd, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  There will be an extensive question and answer session following a brief lecture by police personnel.

The forum will be at Dalton’s City Hall located at 300 West Waugh Street.

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Citizen’s Police Academy Firearms Week

Members of the 2007 Citizen’s Police Academy recently got some hands on experience with the various weapons carried by the officers at the Dalton Police Department.  The program held each year lasts 10 weeks and gives the citizen an insight into the Dalton Police Department.

Participants had the opportunity to fire the department’s duty pistol, the Sig P229, the Remington 870 shotgun, and a Colt AR-15 rifle carried by selected officers.

"This is one of the most popular weeks for the students".  Most enjoy the excitement surrounding shooting firearms and they generally have a lot of questions on this topic".  Says Officer Chris McDonald, who assisted Sergeant Mike Dyer, the class coordinator, for this instruction.

Cpa_2007_rangeGustavo Solis, one of 19 participants in the 2007 Dalton Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy, fires a Remington 12 gauge shotgun during firearms night as Sergeant Mike Dyer oversees the instruction.

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Police Training Focuses on the Dangers of Foot Pursuits

Dalton police officers recently participated in training to learn about the dangers of foot pursuits during 4 hours of in-service instruction.  The training, attended by all sworn members of the department, puts the officer in the field with "bad guys" to chase . 

Foot pursuits are a common occurrence among police officers but training to show officers the dangers associated with them is rarely done.  In light of this, the Dalton Police Department decided to incorporate this training into the department's yearly in-service schedule.

The officers are given four scenarios during the 4-hour block of instruction.  Each is designed to show the officers the dangers of foot pursuits.  "If they are going to err, we want it to be in training where the only damage to the officer is his or her ego", says the department's training coordinator.  "Mistakes made in training are not generally repeated in the real world".

Foot_pursuit_inservice_2007_003Officer Kenneth Brooks, a 26 year veteran of the department, plays the role of bad guy as he is pursued by a Dalton Officer.  The training was done in the downtown area of Dalton around the courthouse.

Foot_pursuit_inservice_2007_006Detective Mack Flood, left, attempting to take Officer Shuan Scott into custody following a foot pursuit at Dalton Green in Downtown Dalton.  A prior struggle between Detective Flood and the suspect, leaves Officer Scott without a shirt.

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Task Force Make Gang Related Arrests in Area Shootings

Tamara Alday, age 19, of Dalton, and Andy Rodriguez, age 18 of Dalton, and an unnamed juvenile, were arrested April 12th, 2007 on State charges related to up to 14 drive by shootings which occurred in Whitfield County and the City of Dalton over the last two and one half weeks.

The targets of these numerous drive by shootings were various buildings and vehicles.  No injuries were reported as part of this crime spree.  The investigation to date indicates that this was gang related activity.  It is anticipated that additional arrests could be forthcoming as part of this investigation.

The above individuals are currently being housed at the Whitfield county Detention Center on charges of Violation of the Georgia Gang Act, Criminal Damage to Property, and Aggravated Assault.

The Conasuaga Safe Streets Task Force consists of federal agents from the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and officers from the Whitfield Sheriff’s Office, Dalton Police Department, and Calhoun Police Department.

Alday_tamara Rodriguez_andy Tamara Alday, left, and Andy Rodriguez both of Dalton, charged in connection with area shootings involving damage to buildings and vehicles

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Police Looking for Suspects Involved in Shooting Incidents

The Dalton Police Department is asking for information from anyone that can identify the individual(s) responsible for a series of shooting incidents were businesses were damaged early on the afternoon of April 4th, 2007.

The damage occurred on Glenwood Avenue, Jones Street, Shugart Road, and North Chattanooga Road.  In each case, windows were shot out with what is believed to be a small caliber firearm.

The police department is offering a $1500 reward for any information leading to the apprehension of the individual(s) responsible for these shootings.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Alan Woods at (706) 278-9085 extension 145.  Or, they can contact the department’s CRIME TIP HOTLINE AT (706) 278-9085 extension 221.

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Police Volunteers Earn Awards

Police volunteers were recently honored during an awards ceremony at City Hall.  Chief of Police James Chadwick awarded three of the police department’s volunteers the President’s Bronze award for service to the community.

Two of the volunteers, Michael Baldwin and Pat Flammini, assist patrol officers with disabled motorist in Dalton through the use of volunteer patrol cars.  Andrew Caban is a volunteer chaplain with the department and assists officers with difficult duties including death notifications to family members.

Our volunteers are a valuable asset to the department and the citizens of Dalton.  We applaud them for there continued service to our community.

Volunteer_awards_003 From left to right, Michael Baldwin, 193 hours; Pat Flammini, 122 hours; and Andrew Caban, 117 hours.  All receiving the President’s Bronze award for service by Chief of Police James Chadwick.

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Police Cadets Learn Basics of Crime Scene Processing

Sergeant Mike Wilson of the Dalton Police Department recently taught an academy class of police cadets the basics of crime scene processing.  The class lasted for two days and gave the cadets the basics they need to now to properly work a crime scene.

At the completion of the class, the students are presented with a realistic crime scene with a mannequin, fake blood, weapons, and other items planted at the scene to reconstruct a crime scene.

The students have to process the crime scene as they would in the field.  The must do all the paperwork, photography, and crime scene sketches, and present it as they would in court.  This portion of the academy instruction is very challenging for the cadets but will provide them with the basic knowledge needed to effectively work a crime scene.

Crime_scene_proc_2007Students processing crime scene during 2 day instruction for police cadets.  "Victim" can be seen in the bushes as other students take measurements.

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Police Warn Public About the Dangers of Trains

In the past 30 days, two individuals in the Dalton/Whitfield County area on two separate occasions have been struck and killed by trains.  Both of these individuals were on the railroad right of way illegally when they were struck and killed.

Individuals should not trespass on railroad property and should only cross railroad tracks at vehicular crossing areas.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the dangers of being near trains or railroad tracks.  These are not safe places to play and children should avoid these areas at all times.

Police actively enforce trespass laws regarding railroad property.  Anyone caught on or near the tracks on railroad property can be arrested and fined $644.00 and/or be sentenced to jail for up to 12 months.

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